Commercial Vehicle Inspections Support Safe Roadways

October 30, 2023

Commercial Vehicle Inspections Support Safe Roadways

A joint force operation to inspect commercial vehicles on Strathcona County Roads found almost half failed.

“We completed 140 inspections between October 10th, and 12th,” said Inspector Vito DiSciglio, Enforcement Services Manager with Strathcona County. “We found that 47 per cent of the vehicles failed the inspection and another 27 percent needed attention.”

Only 26 per cent of the vehicles passed the inspection.

Officers and inspectors from Strathcona County Enforcement Services, the RCMP, Edmonton Police Service, and Community Peace Officers from Fort Saskatchewan, Leduc, and Flagstaff participated in the 3-day operation.

“Most commercial operators are diligent when it comes to ensuring their vehicles are safe for use on the road, explained DiSciglio.  “But with thousands of vehicles on the road every day in the Alberta Capital region, it is important we conduct these inspections to better ensure the safety of everyone using the road,” said DiSciglio.

Operators whose vehicles fail the inspection are required make the necessary repairs and pay any outstanding fines. Fines for violations can range from $324 for a minor infraction up to seizure if the inspectors deem the vehicle to be unsafe for travel on the road.

Vehicles identified as needing attention must make the repairs before the vehicle can go into service again.

“We aren’t conducting these inspections just to hand out fines,” said DiSciglio. “The safety of all motorists is our first priority and by identifying issues before they become problems and potentially cause accidents, we help everyone to get where they need to go.”



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