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Event planning

  • 1. Benefits of hosting your event in Strathcona County

    • Easy access from all major highways and roads  
    • Recreation and park facilities link to over 100 km of parkway trail winding throughout the community
    • FREE parking at all recreation facilities (Note: parking fees in effect at the Community Centre)
    • Currently, there are nine hotel properties with 1025 rooms (plus two Bed & Breakfasts) available. Once all expansions are complete, there will be 11 hotels and 1,343 rooms available.  
    • Quality medical services including Strathcona Community Hospital, Strathcona County Health Centre and a variety of medicentres, doctor offices and physiotherapy clinics
    • A strong local business community and with great shopping and a wide variety of restaurants. Check out the Strathcona County Visitor's Guide for details.
    • Exciting recreation fun to compliment major tournaments and events.
    • Sherwood Park is the largest hamlet in Strathcona County with over 65,0000 (two-thirds) of residents living in this community. 
    • Public transportation options via Strathcona County Transit
  • 2. Available event facilities

    • indoor venues - amenities, floor plans, booking information and other services
    • outdoor venues - amenities, site plans, field and diamond inventory and booking information

Event checklist

  • 1. What services or approvals need to be considered?

    If you are planning an event in Strathcona County we want to ensure that you have the tools to make your event successful! This page will help ensure you have the correct permits, knowledge of Bylaws, parking and transportation needs and the logistics to help you master your event. The facility booking representative or event liaison can help you with questions.

    Indoor and Outdoor Event Venues

  • 2. Parking and Transportation considerations

    • parking availability at venues
    • bicycle parking
    • emergency vehicle access
    • volunteer parking
    • VIP parking
    • accessibility
    • Strathcona County Transit
  • 3. Other event logistics to think about

    • Waste Collection and Recycling
    • barricades
    • cash handling procedures
    • insurance
    • tents
    • good and bad weather plans for outdoor events
    • attendance
    • food and vendors
    • merchandise
    • spectator seating
    • porta-potties
    • electricity (generator needs)
    • Alberta One-Call - Call before you dig into the ground
    • First Aid
    • security
    • water access
    • sponsorship
    • crowd control
    • AV requirements

Bylaws and Permits

  • 1. Block parties

    Planning a neighbourhood block party in a park space or roadway? You'll need a permit for that. Find more information on the block parties page.

  • 2. Events impacting a roadway

    Planning an event that will impact a County road (i.e. parade, race, etc.)? You will need to submit a Special Roadway Event Permit.

  • 3. Tents

    Tents larger than 10’X10’ require a building permit. All tents must weights to secure the structure; staking is not allowed.

  • 4. Food distribution

    Please review the Alberta Health Services (AHS) Food Vendor Package, then complete and submit a Food Vendor Notification to AHS, as necessary.

  • 5. Barbecues and propane

    Propane barbecues are permitted in park spaces, however, propane tanks over 20lbs require a Gas Permit.  Please use a grease mat below the barbecue as you are responsible for any clean up after usage.

  • 6. Electrical

    Please complete an Electrical Permit if you intend to use any electrical devices as part of your event.

  • 7. Events of over 300 people

    As per the Concert and Special Events Bylaw, any public or private event or activity, which has an expected attendance of over 300 people, must submit a Concert or Special Event License at least ninety (90) days prior to the proposed start date.

  • 8. Noise

    As per the Noise Control Bylaw, miscellaneous event operations, such as equipment staging, construction, and removal, may require you to submit a Noise Permit Application.

  • 9. Fireworks

    Both a Fireworks Permit and Firearms Discharge License must be completed and approved prior to usage of any fireworks.

  • 10. Animals and pets

    Please see the Animal Control Bylaw for more information.

  • 11. Signage

    Please see the Sign Permits and Regulations page for more information.

  • 12. Camping

    Camping is not permitted at the Centennial Ball diamonds or on any County-owned parks or lands except at our rural community halls and recreation centres in conjunction with rentals associated with those facilities. 

    Check out information on Camping at the Strathcona Wilderness Centre and see the Activity and travel guide to plan your visit to Strathcona County.

  • 13. Event liquor usage

    No alcohol is permitted on site, unless at an approved facility and coordinated through a booking representative. Please visit the Ardrossan and Moyer Hall Bookings page or contact your booking representative for more information on event liquor usage in Strathcona County.

Recreation event promotion tools

  • 1. Local advertising

  • 2. Prize requests

    • Prize requests
      Eligibility and online prize request form for small prizes.
  • 3. Communication tools

    • media release – fax/email a release to local and/or regional print/broadcast media
    • Strathcona County Community Calendar
    • Mayor's office: Include a Message from the Mayor in your official event program, invite the Mayor out to attend or speak at your event or inquire about Strathcona County pins. Call 780-464-8103.
    • Event program advertising: Please send any requests to advertise in recreation related programs/events to for consideration. 
    • Community map
    • Impacts and notices
      Depending on the type of event, time and location, you may be required to send out a neighbourhood impact notices to affected residents or post signs within the park to educate about your upcoming event. You will be notified by Strathcona County if this is necessary during the booking process.

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