nature hot spots

Find the nature hot spots in Strathcona County. Use our online map to find new or favourite locations to visit.

Nature hot spots are areas where biodiversity is highlighted. Areas of intact habitat allow for a great diversity of plant and wildlife species to be present. They provide great opportunities for recreation including hiking, birdwatching and nature photography.

Please remember, sites are managed by a variety of organizations, so make sure to visit the links on the map and read posted signage to learn more about the sites, how to access them and rules of enjoyment. 

Do you know of any hot spots that should be on the map? To help us populate it, please email 

Got a smartphone? You can become a citizen scientist! Did you know you can use iNaturalist to share your pictures of these and other nature hot spots in Strathcona County? You can also use the explore feature to check out nature sightings near you. Join local groups like the Beaver Hills Biosphere to share your discoveries!

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