Recruitment status: 

Recruitment for 2023 will open in March. For additional details, please go to full time firefighter recruitment.

Volunteer opportunities? Fire fighting duties are performed by paid staff. Part-time (on-call) Firefighter/First Responders are paid on an hourly basis. At this time, there are no volunteer opportunities for fire fighters.

An organization with a reputation for excellence

Employment with Strathcona County Emergency Services is both extremely challenging and rewarding. Our Human Resource Development policy is in place to allow Members opportunity for advancement throughout their career.

Fire crews, both full-time and part-time, are led by a Fire Officer and work as a team at a variety of incidents. Although each team member has specific functions, individuals must be able to use their own judgment and foresight to help others and protect themselves.

Communication Operators, both full-time and part-time, are supervised by a Communication Officer. The Operators work as a team in a Regional Centre, processing emergency requests from over 40 municipalities in Northeast Alberta.


SCES offers the opportunity for a paramedic, EMT or EMR student to participate in a ride-along. You are required to fill out the following forms:

Complete the form and email it to or phone 780-467-5216 if you have any questions. It takes approximately three weeks to process your request.

Recruitment periods

Strathcona County accepts applications for employment with Emergency Services only during the recruitment period. Positions and timelines will be posted on this website and may be advertised in local and regional media. All applications submitted during a recruitment period will be reviewed.

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