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Following a November 30, 2021 public hearing, Council decided not to repeal Bylaw 100-2001, a bylaw that prohibits casinos in Strathcona County.

Not repealing the bylaw means casinos will continue to be prohibited in Strathcona County.


In 2001, in response to a community petition and plebiscite, a bylaw was approved prohibiting casinos from operating in Strathcona County.

In 2021, in response to new interest in possibly allowing casinos, Council directed the County to hold a non-statutory public hearing and conduct an online survey to engage with residents and gauge whether the bylaw prohibiting casinos should be repealed

Survey results

The casino bylaw survey was conducted between October 20 and November 17, 2021.

Of the 4,795 survey responses:

  • 55.1 per cent (2,640 people) felt that casinos did not belong anywhere in the County
  • 42.4 per cent (2,035 people) thought that some locations in the County could be considered for casinos
  • 2.5 percent (120 people) were not sure

Public hearing

  • 13 registered speakers
  • 18 written submissions

In the survey responses, from the people who came out to speak at the public hearing, and from those who connected with Council members directly - a larger percentage of people voiced ‘no’ to repealing the bylaw.

The Repealing the Casino Bylaw Public Hearing report, presentation, survey results and webcast are found under the November 30 Council Meeting.

Thank you to all residents who shared their views through the survey, on social media, directly to Council members and at the public hearing.

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