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Strathcona County is committed to environmental action and responsibility. 

Our initiatives address local, regional and global issues, including plastic pollution; land degradation and conversion; species extinction; bird populations; insect biomass; global growth; carbon footprints and climate change. 

Environmental Framework 

We aim to sustain and protect healthy ecosystems and healthy residents. Learn about the framework and its six focus areas: air, water, land, biodiversity, waste and energy. 

Air quality 

We work with regional partners to monitor and manage air quality, and to reduce emissions such as greenhouse gases. We engage and educate residents on air quality and encourage ways to reduce emissions. 

Biodiversity monitoring 

There are many species that make up our natural world: animals, plants, insects and micro-organisms. Measuring and understanding the biodiversity in Strathcona County helps us make informed decisions about land use activities. 

Wetland replacement 

Wetlands are a vital part of our ecological landscape and are necessary for healthy communities. The goal of the Wetland Replacement program is to replace wetlands and restore biodiversity. 

EV charging stations 

We heard from residents that installing electric vehicle charging stations was a way for Strathcona County to support its commitment to renewables and greenhouse gas reductions. Two EV charging stalls are now available at Strathcona County’s Community Centre parkade.

Funding for this project was provided by the SouthGrow Regional Initiative in partnership with the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre, and Natural Resources Canada through the ZeroEmission Vehicle Infrastructure Program.  

We’d like to make it easier for residents to own and charge their electric vehicles: permitting and installation tips  

Other initiatives and programs

2023 Environmental Framework Year-in-Review (5.2 MB)

Hydrogen fuel cell electric bus pilot

The first hydrogen-powered transit buses are now on the roads in Strathcona County and Edmonton, supporting a shared commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

hydrogen fuel cell bus

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