This bylaw outlines the rules and regulations for how land can be used in Strathcona County, and the process of making decisions for development permit applications. Amendments to the Land Use Bylaw are added on a regular basis.

Land Use Bylaw documents 6-2015

Amendments Log, May 2015 - June 2024 (253.2 KB)

Table of Contents (33.8 KB)

Part 1: Interpretation of this Bylaw (552.0 KB)

Part 2: Operations and Administrative Procedures (266.5 KB)

Part 3: General Regulations (533.4 KB)

Part 4: Parking and Loading Standards (219.2 KB)

Part 5: Signs (303.6 KB)

Part 6: Specific Use Regulations (299.7 KB)

Part 7: Urban Service Area Zoning Districts (3.5 MB)

Part 8: Sustainable Urban Villages (16.2 MB)

Part 9: Rural Zoning Districts (371.3 KB)

Part 10: Environment, Open Space and Service Zoning Districts (62.9 KB)

Part 11: Direct Control Zoning Districts (55.6 KB)

Part 12 & 13: Mature Neighbourhood Overlay and Special Areas - Centre in the Park (15.0 MB)

Schedule A: Direct control districts

Schedule A: DC 1-20 (3.4 MB)

Schedule A2: DC 21-40 (3.4 MB)

Schedule A3: DC 41-60 (3.7 MB)

Schedule A4: DC 62-85 (4.7 MB)

Schedule B: Land use maps

Urban Area Maps

Rural Area Maps (8.7 MB)

Hamlet Maps

Schedule C: Airport overlay

Schedule C: Airport Overlay (940.9 KB)


Appendix A: Illustrations (378.4 KB)

Appendix B: Urban Overall (10.8 MB)

Appendix C: Rural Overall (6.8 MB)


Amendments to the Land Use Bylaw are added on a regular basis.

Applying for an amendment

To amend a map or the text of the Land Use Bylaw in Strathcona County, you must complete and application and pay a fee. Current fees are listed in the Land Development Planning section of the County's fees, rates and charges document. A decision on a Land Use Bylaw amendment application is made by County Council, following a review of the application by Administration.

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Phone: 780-464-8080

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