Current status: Fire advisory is in effect

Lack of rain has led to drier conditions. Fires are still allowed in Strathcona County; however, a fire restriction may be called if conditions worsen. Please use caution when burning. 

For fires requiring a fire permit (open fires, burn barrels, brush fires, etc.) call the Burning Status Line at 780-464-8464 or text “BURN” to 587-340-3696 immediately before you burn. Check back throughout the day as conditions may change. 

Sign up to SC Alerts to receive fire restriction and ban notifications. 

Visit Alberta Parks for information on Provincial fire advisories/bans for areas under the Province’s jurisdiction. Provincial parks in Strathcona County that fall under this jurisdiction include: 

  • Cooking Lake Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area 
  • North Bruderheim Provincial Recreation Area 
  • Strathcona Science Provincial Park 
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Fire ban levels

There are three different fire conditions that may be put into effect - a fire advisory, restriction and ban. 

What is a fire advisory?

A fire advisory is when conditions are drying or it is too windy (above 20 km/hour or gusting to 25km/hour) there may be the need to temporarily suspend fire and fireworks permits. Contact the Burning Status Line for the current status. Check back throughout the day as conditions may change.  

What is a fire restriction?

A fire restriction is when all fire and fireworks permits are suspended. 

What is NOT allowed:

  • open fires (brush, bonfires)
  • burn barrels 
  • fireworks    

What is allowed:

  • recreational fire pits with a screen, chimineas
  • propane or natural gas tables, bowls and appliances
  • all barbecues 

What is a fire ban?

A fire ban is when no outdoor fires are allowed.

What is NOT allowed:

  • open fires (brush, bonfires etc.)
  • burn barrels 
  • fireworks 
  • fire pits or chimineas  
  • solid fuel barbecues and smokers (charcoal, pellets etc.) without an on/off switch

What is allowed:

  • cooking and recreational appliances that can be turned on or off using a switch or valve (fire table, electric smoker, pellet, propane or natural gas barbecues).
  • Smokers that use solid fuel (pellets and wood chips) must be auger fed and have a switch to turn the smoker off.  

Below is a quick reference guide. Please refer to the full descriptions above to determine if an activity is permitted.

Quick reference guide of the different fire condition activities
Quick reference guide of the different fire condition activities

Issuing a fire advisory, restriction or ban

Emergency Services compiles and reviews current and forecasted data such as humidity, ground moisture, temperature and precipitation specific to Strathcona County. This information determines the Fire Weather Index. There are five levels to the index, low, moderate, high, very high and extreme. 

Other factors reviewed include:

  • Risk of a fires getting out of control
  • Relation between temperature and humidity
  • Water restrictions or water bans
  • Resources for firefighting available

Fire bans are declared and lifted by the Fire Chief or designate.

Visit their website to get information on current fire bans, advisories and restrictions throughout the province. 

We always encourage our residents to follow safe burning practises. All residents with a fire permit must call the Burning Status line at 780-464-8464 or text the word “BURN” to 587-340-3696 before burning, to make sure burning is allowed.

Do you have a fire permit?

All residents with a fire permit must call the Burning Status line at 780-464-8464 or text the word “BURN” to 587-340-3696 before burning, to make sure burning is allowed. Conditions may change throughout the day. 

William, a 9 year old Sherwood Park resident, explains what a fire ban is.

Fire prevention and investigation
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