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"Eyes on the Prize" by William Frymire, 2020, Ardrossan Spray Park and Playground

"Eyes on the Prize"

This aluminum sculpture depicts native Albertan animal species, in grand proportion. A large dragonfly, hunting a mosquito, creates a focal point and meeting location for the park. The piece offers large scale storytelling that is fun, while also educational regarding the importance of maintaining natural ecosystems. Predatory dragonflies are threatened around the world by loss of wetland habitat.

Continuing the hide and seek theme, 10 additional mosquitoes are hidden throughout the park.

Kamloops artist, William Frymire derives most of his inspiration from the beauty of nature and has an interest in water and habitat conservation. He has worked for several decades as a commercial artist, photographer, digital artist and designer. His public artworks can be found in Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, Kamloops, Fort Chipewyan and St. Albert. Read more about the fabrication process for "Eyes on the Prize".

Strathcona County Public Art Plan

Strathcona County Council approved its Public Art Plan in June 2014.
Strathcona County's 2014-2019 Public Art Plan (5.0 MB)

The impact of public art on a community is priceless and once experienced, the value only appreciates. Public art has the power to energize public spaces, encourage creative thought and transform the places we live, work, and play into more welcoming and beautiful environments that invite interaction.

Public art can make strangers talk, children ask questions and calm a hurried life. Public art can enhance the quality of life by encouraging a heightened sense of place and by introducing works of art that can touch viewers today and generations to come.

Art of our County Connection-Connotation by Tammy Henkel, 2015

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