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"Together" by Paul Reimer, 2018, Broadmoor Lake Park CIB Legacy Garden

Watch the video of how Together was created:

Calls for artists

  • Artist Led Youth Art Project - Ardrossan Skatepark 

Strathcona County invites Artists or Artist Teams to propose a community consultation/collaboration process that will engage Strathcona County youth in the design and creation of “street art” project/mural(s) to be located at the Ardrossan Skatepark in Ardrossan, AB. The Artist is expected to lead a process to develop appropriate local content and to mentor youth in the mural making process. 

Details of the project deliverables can be found in the RFP below. 

Please note – an artwork concept is not required at this time. It is expected that the artwork concept is developed in collaboration with youth participants. 


  • "The Respondent will be required to provide the following as a pre-condition to the award of the Contract:"

    1. Proof of Insurance required by the Contract;
    2. Proof of Workers Compensation Board coverage or letter exempting the Respondent from coverage; and
    3. Written confirmation that information provided in the Respondent’s proposal remains correct.”

    a) What is meant by insurance, is liability insurance required? Is self-employment insurance sufficient?

    Proof of liability insurance for your business is what is meant. If your business is home based, only the liability portion of your policy needs to be provided as proof. Or you can request an insurance certificate from your broker.

    The limit needs to be at least $1 million and if work is to be performed on County premises, include Strathcona County as additional insured (this is a simple call to your insurance broker or agent). If there is a charge to your business liability insurance to obtain the additional insured provision, that can be included in your budget.

    b) From whom is the artist expected to acquire a letter exempting Workers Compensation Board coverage, and under what conditions is an artist exempt from such coverage?

    A letter of exemption is requested from the Workers Compensation Board. It is best to contact them to get an accurate understanding of the conditions.

    c) Does the written confirmation refer to proof of insurance and WCB coverage above?

    No, this is a confirmation that there are no changes to your project proposal between the time of submission and the signing of the contract.

Strathcona County Public Art Plan

Strathcona County Council approved its Public Art Plan in June 2014.
Strathcona County's 2014-2019 Public Art Plan (5.0 MB)

The impact of public art on a community is priceless and once experienced, the value only appreciates. Public art has the power to energize public spaces, encourage creative thought and transform the places we live, work, and play into more welcoming and beautiful environments that invite interaction.

Public art can make strangers talk, children ask questions and calm a hurried life. Public art can enhance the quality of life by encouraging a heightened sense of place and by introducing works of art that can touch viewers today and generations to come.

Art of our County Connection-Connotation by Tammy Henkel, 2015

Take a virtual tour of our collection of murals, sculptures and other treasures. Discover the stories behind the artwork and learn about the artists. Works with your mobile device too!

Artist contact list

If you are interested in receiving emails about public art programs and calls, please email Barbara Chapman. Artist are encouraged to watch for opportunities listed on this webpage as well as on industry related websites.

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Barbara Chapman

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