New mural in Millennium Place celebrates diversity, inclusion, and the 2023 Special Olympics Alberta Winter Games

Illustration of athletes taking part in sports such as gymnastics, skiing, bowling, powerlifting, etc. Words Empowerment, Excellence, Respect, Diversity, and Inclusion (Special Olympics Alberta Values) are entwined in the illustration.
Mural by Emily Chu, 2023

Local artist Emily Chu’s bright and spirited mural animates the many values shared by Special Olympics Alberta and the County. In the mural, a frenzy of joyful athletes take part in a variety of activities, unified by the words, “empowerment”, “excellence”, “respect”, “diversity”, and “inclusion” — a reminder that sport and activity is for everyone! 

About the artist  

Emily Chu was born in Beijing and currently lives in Amiskwaciwâskahikan/Treaty 6 territory (Edmonton, Canada). Her illustrations have received awards from national and international illustration competitions such as 3x3 Contemporary Illustration Professional Show, American Illustration, and Applied Arts. She is also a recipient of the 2021 Edmonton Artists’ Trust Fund Award. Emily’s murals can be found throughout Edmonton.


February 17 to March 3, 2023
Located outside the main entrance to Millennium Place

Since its debut at Montreal’s winter festival Luminothérapie in 2012, moonGARDEN has captivated more than one million viewers of all ages from nearly every continent. Its magnificent glowing spheres have dazzled cities all over the world, including Lyon (France), Medellin (Columbia), Jerusalem (Israel), Athens (Greece), Beijing (China), and several others. 

Ranging from six to 15 feet in height, two of the five giant spheres hold a unique spectacle of shadow theatre amidst a dreamy soundscape and radiant light. The shadow puppets were specially designed for the 2023 Special Olympics Alberta Winter Games to honour the commitment, perseverance, and achievement shared by Special Olympics athletes.   

Like Special Olympics Alberta, inclusion is at the heart of moonGARDEN. Lucion founder and CEO, Bernard Duguay, draws a visual connection between moonGARDEN and set theory, which is a mathematical concept that uses circles to illustrate how different groups of numbers belong together. As a metaphor, set theory demonstrates that regardless of differences, there is room for everyone within a community.  

  • Lucion is an incorporated collective of visual artists, authors, storytellers, urban designers, interactive developers, and musicians that develop narrative environments. They draw energy from creating inspiring spaces that bridge arts, technology and sciences. Art has become their most effective ally to help reach beyond the known boundaries and create new pockets of beauty and awareness. The team blends avant-garde technologies and low-tech elements to produce theatrical-style experiences with eclectic and human dimensions. Over the last 20 years, Lucion has taken part in more than 400 artistic, museum, and corporate events. 

  • Based in Montreal, Wireframe is a public art agency that brings interactive art to cities and events all around the world. With logistical expertise and a commitment to impactful placemaking, Wireframe connects Canadian artists to an international stage.

Artist depiction of moonGARDEN, with five globes in red, purple, blue, green and pink and silhouetted drawings of athletes within them.


Close up of a large sculpture of a dalmatian dog holding the end of a fire hose in its mouth.
Sadie by Craig LeBlanc, 2014

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Abstract images painted on spiral staircase
Alex Janvier - Tribute to Beaver Hills, 1976

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