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Some ways to support our local businesses and services

Local businesses have always been there for our community. They’re supporters of our sports teams, community and cultural events. 

Now, it’s our turn to support them. Here is our top 10 list of how you can support local. Look for our support local posts on Facebook and Instagram #supportlocal #shpk #strathco, and share your favourite ways too! 

  1. If you choose not to shop in-person, try curbside pickup and shop local online. 
  2. Be kind: Local gifts of kindness for your friends and neighbours can be delivered to their door - a gift card or something special. 
  3. If you are postponing a personal service, support the business now by buying a gift card to use later. 
  4. Say thank you to your favourite local business by leaving a positive review or sharing their posts on social media. They’re your neighbours, too! 
  5. Use social media to see if you can buy something made locally.
  6. Artwork from local artisans make unique gifts. Reach out to local art societies to find one-of-a-kind gifts. 
  7. Charities are businesses too – continue to support them through donations or volunteering value-in-kind. 
  8. Reschedule upcoming celebrations– don't cancel! See about postponing upcoming events instead of asking for a refund. 
  9. See about buying goods if services are unavailable. Support those businesses who are unable to function regularly by providing help in other ways. 
  10. When we keep our community safe, we can keep the economy running. Please stay home if you are feeling sick.

Why is supporting local so important?

Supporting local businesses is important for so many reasons. The strength and stability of the local economy rely on a strong business base, and the community relies on support from local entrepreneurs to help the municipality grow. Here are some reasons why it’s important for residents to support local:

  • $68 out of every $100 spent at a local business stays in the community.1

Local businesses are closely tied to the community and dollars spent on them have a direct effect through spending habits.

  • Small businesses are the cause for 85 per cent of job creation in the private sector.2

Small businesses are some of the largest employers in the community. Supporting them can help to keep employment levels stable and increase the opportunity for other entrepreneurs.

  • 87 per cent of consumers read online reviews for local businesses – share the love by posting your review.3

Help a local business to reach a wider audience and expand its clientele by posting a review. Don’t keep your favourite store a secret, share it with everyone!

  • Small businesses employ 68 per cent of private-sector employees.4

With nearly 70 per cent of the country working for an entrepreneur, supporting local can help to spread economic prosperity further into a community. These small businesses help to support your family, friends, and neighbours; make sure to show your support for them.

  • Local businesses that source local products can be a more environmentally friendly option when it comes to the transportation of goods.5

Typically, local businesses source their items in the area they live, giving them a smaller carbon footprint. Local creations go a long way in one-of-a-kind gifts instead of something mass-produced!

  • Small businesses help to build communities.6

Vibrant small businesses can help to attract new investment and increase local tax revenue which helps to build a stronger community.

Supporting local means supporting the people in your life. Local businesses rely on us to help them succeed. With so much of the community relying on entrepreneurs, make the decision to support local.

Find local

The Strathcona County Business Directory, is another helpful resource for sourcing companies, products, services and expertise located in Sherwood Park and the rural areas of the County. 

The restaurant map provides a listing of all local restaurants. Give your local restaurant a call and deal with them directly for ordering some curbside pickup. You might even find out they have delivery services available!

Where entrepreneurs come to succeed

We are proud of those who have chosen our municipality as the base for their business. With the numerous opportunities found in the municipality, from lower taxes to a location that can’t be topped, there are endless possibilities for industries to grow and find success. Our local business community is celebrated and supported by our residents with an emphasis on shopping local and reinforcing those within our community. Learn about our local entrepreneurs who continue to find success in Strathcona County and find your place among them.

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