Alarms in homes, businesses and other buildings must be registered with Strathcona County Enforcement Services. 

Alarm systems require registration (permit)

Alarms in homes, businesses and other buildings must be registered with Strathcona County Enforcement Services. For details, see Bylaw 31-2008, the Alarm Systems Bylaw.

  • A one-time fee of $30 will apply to register an alarm. The registration is non-transferable when the property title is changed or the resident moves within Strathcona County. If a property owner has not registered and the RCMP respond to a false alarm, the owner may be fined $300 in addition to a false alarm response fee.
  • A permit holder shall not be charged a response fee on the first false alarm response generated within the calendar year. Should there be subsequent false alarms attended by the RCMP, the property owner will be charged a response fee. If the RCMP respond to three (3) false alarms within a six month period, the alarm permit will be revoked. The property owner may be subjected to a $300.00 fine for any false alarm that occur prior to the new permit being issued. The property owner will be required to re-register the alarm at a fee of $30.00.

Registering your alarm system


  • Print off and complete the  Residential Alarm Permit (313.4 KB) or the  Business Alarm Permit (317.8 KB)
  • It may be dropped off or mailed, with payment (cheque or cash) to:
    Enforcement Services (the RCMP detachment)
    911 Bison Way, Sherwood Park, AB  T8H 1S9
    Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 
    (Closed weekends and statutory holidays).
  • Faxed applications are not accepted

Frequently asked questions

Why is Strathcona County requiring alarms to be registered?
This measure is being taken to encourage property owners to take steps to make sure their systems are operating properly, and to reduce the number of false alarms that require RCMP response. The information provided by owners when they register will enable the RCMP to easily contact the owner should that be required.

My alarm is not being monitored by a security company.  Do I still need a permit?
Yes. If there is any possibility that the alarm could be activated, the RCMP may respond to that alarm.

If the alarm is monitored, will the RCMP respond?
If your alarm system is being monitored by a security company, they need to provide a valid Strathcona County alarm permit number to the dispatcher for the RCMP to respond. Security companies have been notified of this change in procedure and letters were sent out to every alarm permit holder of the need to provide their alarm company with their permit number.

What is the concern with false alarms?
In 2016, the RCMP responded to 1,694 false alarms. Many of these were multiple calls to the same location, as many as 30 false alarms to the same address.

Each time the RCMP responds to a call from an alarm company, the call must be considered high risk until officers reach the scene and determine otherwise.

How much are the response fees?

  • First false alarm - No Charge
  • Second false alarm - $75.00
  • Third false alarm - $150.00
  • Fourth and subsequent false alarms - $200.00

Do other communities have such regulations?
Yes. Edmonton and St. Albert have similar requirements.

What happens if I move? 
Your alarm permit is non-transferable. If you are moving and you are planning on keeping your monitored alarm system, you will be required to cancel your existing alarm permit and obtain a new one for your new location. If you would like to cancel your alarm permit, please call Strathcona County Enforcement Services at (780) 449-0170.

More information

Enforcement Services
Phone: 780-449-0170
Address: 911 Bison Way
Sherwood Park, Alberta
T8H 1S9

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