Tanker shuttle service for rural fire fighting

Your home may be eligible for reduced fire insurance rates

Strathcona County Emergency Services has been accredited by Fire Underwriters Survey (FUS) to provide Superior Tanker Shuttle Service (STSS). This means we are able to deliver an uninterrupted water supply for fire protection in certain rural areas without public hydrants.

FUS has assigned properties that fall within these areas a dwelling protection grade (DPG) of 3BS. The affected properties are listed here, sorted alphabetically by subdivision. (1.0 MB)

You may also refer to the maps below to determine if your property falls within the 3B (public hydrant service) or 3BS area on the map. If your property is only partially covered, consult with your insurance company who must contact FUS to assess your property, and determine its DPG.

If your property falls within a red area or your property is not coloured at all, it does not qualify. The decision on coverage areas and insurance discounts are made by the Fire Underwriters Survey and your insurance company.

Contact your insurance agent directly for more detailed information about the type, size and spatial separation requirements or if you have questions about why your home does, or does not fall within the expanded area.

Wondering about the costs of fire response and who is responsible for paying?

Strathcona County Emergency Services has the authority to issue fines through our Fire Services Bylaw and Outdoor Burning Bylaw and to recover costs outlined in the fees and charges (page 54) associated with extinguishing a fire. 

In practice, Emergency Services rarely charges for fire fighting expenses. Emergency Services may seek to recover costs on a case-by-case basis (e.g. failure to extinguish an outdoor fire during a fire ban when directed to do so or other contravention of the bylaws). 

Third-party costs such as excavators, cellulose insulation removal from attics, disposal, security, etc. are billed to the property owner and typically paid for through insurance. 

Costs for responses may vary depending on the type of equipment utilized, length of time on scene and number of resources required. As with any insurance coverage, residents are encouraged to review insurance policies thoroughly to determine if it provides the right coverage for them.

Further information
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