What are the costs to play and which is the most cost effective option?

If you plan to play two times per week, the Millennium Card (which provides access to both Millennium Place and the Ardrossan Recreation Complex) is your best option.    

I’m interested in learning to play pickleball or improving my game, do you provide lessons?

You don’t have to have any experience playing pickleball to come to our scheduled drop-in times – the players are great at welcoming new people and teaching them the game. But if you would like some structured lessons, you can contact the Strathcona Pickleball Association for more information at 

  • Gymnasium section rental at Millennium Place is $34.61/hour* (GST included).  Call 780-416-7252  to inquire
  • Monday – Thursday hall rental at Ardrossan Recreation Complex when court lines are set-up is: $54.52/hour* (GST included).  Call 780-400-2084

Is there a pickleball association in Strathcona County?
Yes, you can contact the Strathcona County Pickleball Association at http://www.scpa.ca

Where can I find outdoor pickleball courts in Strathcona County?

Outdoor courts are located at Village on the Lake, Clover Bar School, McGhan Park, Sherwood Heights Park, and Ardrossan. 

*Prices subject to change, confirm with facility staff before booking.

Millennium Place drop-in pickleball FAQs

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