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"If developed effectively, tourism has the potential to have a significant diversifying effect on the economic base of Strathcona County."

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Join us at our June 1, 2022 tourism conference 

Forward Together: Tourism in Strathcona County

Tourism is a different looking industry than two years ago. Help your business recover at this half-day industry event in Strathcona County.

As the world moves out of the pandemic and people begin to travel again, tourism faces new trends and struggles compared to two years ago. As a result, connection and collaboration between tourism operators are more important than ever. This in-person half-day conference is the opportunity that Strathcona County tourism operators and businesses have been waiting for.

Learn more about the current state of tourism in Alberta with Travel Alberta and what trends will help move your business forward.

Go East of Edmonton will discuss a regional look at tourism and digital innovation through social media.

Lastly, Strathcona County’s Economic Development and Tourism department will provide an update on the finalized tourism product development plan and a look forward at the tourism industry within Strathcona County.

This conference will be held in-person at the Community Centre Agora at 401 Festival Lane in Sherwood Park on June 1, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The registration desk will open at 8:30 a.m and lunch and networking opportunities will be included throughout the event.

Registration is now open.

Tourism Strategy and Implementation Plan

Our vision: within 10 years, Strathcona County will be known as a place where visitors can come to enjoy compelling nature-based offerings, authentic agritourism activities, and immersive cultural experiences, along with other opportunities like sports tourism, and festivals and events.

The strategy will help us understand what Strathcona County and the business community can do to support the community and economy through tourism. 

Product Development Plan

Upon completion of the Tourism Strategy, it was recommended that the next step be to complete a tourism product development plan. Businesses and organizations that offer activities, products, concepts, or experiences that attract visitors were consulted to generate ideas to spur tourism product development.

Final Tourism Product Development Plan (10.6 MB)


More information:

Economic Development and Tourism
Phone: 780-464-8095

2001 Sherwood Drive
Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
T8A 3W7

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