Waste and recycling at side of road

Our weekly waste collection services include a curbside recycling program and rollout collection carts for organics and trash. We call this the Green Routine.

Learn more about the Green Routine

Check out our printable guides for detailed information about the Green Routine.

Our quick guide gives you the basics, including what items can be dropped off at recycle stations.

The full guide  includes:

  • how to use and put out your carts
  • how to prepare your recyclables
  • a place to record your black and green cart serial numbers

Learn about waste management in Strathcona County .

Start or move your waste collection service

If you’re new to Strathcona County, or are moving, learn how to set up or cancel your collection service.

Waste collection information

What you need to know about waste pickup.

Waste collection schedule and maps

Find out when your organics, garbage and recycling will get picked up and get a copy of your waste collection calendar.

Rural waste collection

Learn about waste collection in rural hamlets and rural areas.

Sorting your waste

A system that recycles and composts a large amount of waste lowers our waste transportation costs. By having you separate organics, waste, and recycling, we are able to reduce our waste collection service fees. This saves money for customers and the County.

Please note that Strathcona County residents are not allowed to burn household garbage like plastics and food scraps. Garbage fires are unpleasant to smell and harmful to the environment. Illegal fires, including garbage fires, can result in a fine of up to $2,000. 

What items go where?

Learn if an item should go in your recycling, your organics cart or your trash cart — or if it needs to go to the Broadview Enviroservice Station.

Waste and recycling drop-off 

Learn where to take recycling and waste that can’t be picked up.

Organics and waste carts

Learn about your carts and how to use them.

Get the app

Our free Green Routine app lets you:

  • set waste collection day and special event reminders
  • search the waste wizard to find out where an item goes
  • find a recycling station
  • get information on waste collection
  • check the waste collection calendar
  • contact the Utilities department
  • report a problem

Get the Green Routine app from the App Store (iPhones).

Get the Green Routine app from the Google Play Store (Androids).

Rethinking the 3Rs

Did you know the three Rs of recycling (reduce, reuse and recycle) are in order of priority? Before you recycle, try to reduce and reuse first.


  • Reduce your use of single-serve items (e.g.: plastic forks, straws and take-out containers).
  • Buy products with less packaging.
  • Bring cloth bags when you go shopping.
  • Plan your meals. Try this simple meal planning worksheet.


Ever wonder what happens after you throw waste away? Find out in the story of our waste.

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