Ensuring drivers and vehicles operate safely should start with the commercial vehicle operators and owners to ensure safe road use.

Peace officer underneath a truck conducting a CVSA inspection

Commercial Inspectors are trained under the requirements of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), a non-profit association comprised of local, provincial, territorial, and federal commercial motor vehicle safety officials and industry representatives. Officers are trained annually to maintain their certification.

Commercial vehicle inspections: what you need to know

CVSA trained officers conduct the North American Standard Inspection (NASI) which includes inspecting the vehicle for a variety of safety items including:

  • under-vehicle mechanical inspection
  • walk around inspection
  • driver interview.

If an officer detects a critical violation, the commercial vehicle and/or driver can be immediately placed Out-of-Service (OOS). Items that are worn/defective may be deemed to require attention, but the vehicle may carry on.

Traveling county roads

Strathcona County regularly restricts axle weights of commercial vehicles traveling on county roads. This protects the County’s road infrastructure and keeps roads in good condition.

Find out more information about current county road bans at strathcona.ca/RoadBans

Failure to observe the weight restrictions may result in a fine. Commercial vehicles hauling on County roads and exceeding five trips to one job site require a Road Use Agreement (RUA). The property owner of the job site is required to obtain an RUA. All commercial vehicles operating under an RUA are required to have a copy in the vehicle. Strathcona County issues RUA’s upon receipt of an application.

Visit strathcona.ca/rua or call 780-417-7100 for more information.

Did you know

  • If your vehicle is registered over 4500 kg, you are required to inspect the vehicle to the National Safety Code. These vehicles are required to be labelled with the Carrier’s name or logo, the Gross Vehicle Weight and the Tare Weight.
  • If your vehicle weighs over 11,794kg, you must produce your trip inspection upon demand.
  • Drivers/operators must place themselves out of service if they detect a major defect.
  • Under Section 136 of the Alberta Traffic Safety Act, a Peace Officer (Police Officer, Sheriff, Community Peace Officer) may inspect a Commercial Vehicle, its cargo, AND the driver.

Most common Out-of-Service violations

Inoperable/inadequate braking systems (parking/emergency brakes, trailer break-away systems)

  • Under inflated/flat tires
  • Insecure cargo
  • Malfunctioning/inoperable head/tail/signal lamps

CVSA Inspectors are a critical last step for safety. Our officers are here to help, but safety is everyone's responsibility.

Protect people and property with a view to increase the safety and security of the public through prevention compliance and enforcement.

This publication has been prepared for educational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Strathcona County assumes no responsibility for the use of this publication.

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