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Bylaw requirements

Any private or public event held in Strathcona County with an anticipated attendance of more than 300 people, including promoters, staff personnel and entertainers requires a license.

The intent of the Concert and Special Events Bylaw (22-2014) (90.6 KB) is to ensure organizers properly plan and resource concerts and special events to address the safety of attendees and the protection of people and property within Strathcona County.

Prior to planning an event in for more than 300 attendees, organizers should contact Enforcement Services at 780-449-0170 to find out if they need to apply for a  licence.

Events covered under the bylaw

Examples of events covered under the bylaw include:

• music festivals or concerts
• dances and dance parties
• rodeos
• circuses
• trade shows
• expositions
• exhibitions
• athletic or sports events

Events exempt from the bylaw

The following events are exempt under the bylaw:

  • events on lands owned or controlled by Strathcona County that are either hosted or authorized by the County
  • events on lands owned or controlled by a local school board
  • events for which a development permit has been issued under the County’s land use bylaw to allow for incidental gatherings or events 

Other events that may be exempt from the bylaw’s requirement to obtain a licence include, but are not limited to:

• private social functions such as weddings and family reunions
• non-profit private parties or events
• non-commercial events and celebrations held in community halls or public facilities

Please note: Organizers for these types of events should first contact Enforcement Services at 780-449-0170 to find out if their event is exempt.

How to apply for a licence

Following a consultation with Enforcement Services, organizers must submit their completed Part A and Part B application forms, along with the $300 licensing fee, to Enforcement Services at least 90 days prior to the event. The licensing fee is payable by cash, debit, credit card or cheque made out to Strathcona County.

Application forms

Concert and Special Events Application - Part A (51.1 KB)

Concert and Special Events Application - Part B (113.3 KB)

Part A and Part B forms are also available at the Enforcement Services office.

Submit completed Part A and Part B forms by mail or in person to:
Strathcona County Enforcement Services
911 Bison Way, Sherwood Park, AB T8H 1S9

Office hours: Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Report an infraction

To report an infraction of the Concert and Special Events Bylaw, call Enforcement Services 780-449-0170 or visit the Enforcement Services office in person.

Further information

Emergency Services

Transportation Engineering and Operations

  • block party permit
  • noise permit
  • special roadway event permit
  • overnight illumination
  • vehicle parking, access and traffic control
  • firearms discharge permit

Planning and Development Services

  • safety codes and building permits
  • Alberta Health Services
  • food services permit and inspections
  • sanitary requirements
  • potable water supplies and facilities
  • provisions for clean-up after event
  • waste disposal

Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis

Phone: 780-449-0170
Visit: Enforcement Services office at 911 Bison Way in Sherwood Park

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