Under  Bylaw 57-2022, residents have 48 hours following a snowfall to clear the area around their property.

Keep sidewalks safe for everyone

Clearing your sidewalk after a snowfall supports residents to move safely through residential areas.

The expectation is an ice-free path that is cleared the full width of the sidewalk, to ensure strollers, walkers/wheelchairs and pedestrians can safely pass by. We understand clearing down to the bare concrete is not always possible. 

Find free rock chips to manage ice

If ice is an issue, residents are expected to apply some type of material for traction, such as rock chips, while actively clearing the sidewalk. Free rock chips are available at locations throughout the County. 

Launch full interactive map

Interactive web maps are best viewed with Google Chrome.

Download PDF versions of the chip box locations maps: 

If your neighbourhood chip bin has run out, you can find rock chips at central locations. 

Central locations include: 

  • 53129 Range Road 222  
  • Ardrossan Recreation Complex  
  • Broadmoor Golf Course  
  • Broadview Enviroservice Station  
  • Centennial Park  
  • Elk Island Administration Office (west side off Range Road 231)  
  • Glen Allan Recreation Centre  
  • Log Cabin on Fir Street  
  • Salisbury Composite High School (north side off Festival Way)  
  • Strathcona Athletic Park  

NOTE:  The central locations include a large pile of rock chips  with small barricades. Sometimes it looks like a mound of sand or is partially covered in snow. Signs have been added to help identify them. 

Take action on snow clearing notices 

If a sidewalk is not cleared within 48 hours, the homeowner may receive a Snow Clearing Notice. This written reminder provides the occupant/homeowner with 24 hours to remove the snow. 

If no action is taken, the homeowner may receive a fine and the County may clear the sidewalk at the homeowner’s expense.

Don’t shovel onto the road

Here are a few important things to keep in mind when shovelling your sidewalk. 

  • Don’t shovel on the road - Shovel the snow from your sidewalk and driveway onto your property and not onto the road. Shovelling snow onto the road can cause hazardous driving conditions in winter and melting issues in early spring.  
  • Clear space around hydrants - If you have a fire hydrant near your home, please clear snow or ice at least 60 cm (2 ft) from around the hydrant. This ensure Emergency Services’ crews can find and access the hydrant as quickly as possible in an emergency.  
  • Keep catch basins clear -  Clear snow and ice around catch basins in the gutter by your property. This will help the reduce flooding issues in early spring.  
  • Ask for help - If you are unable to clear your sidewalks, please arrange for someone to clear them for you. Strathcona County has a program called Snow Busters that connects eligible residents with volunteers. 

Common questions

Further information:

Transportation Engineering and Operations
Phone: 780-417-7100
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