Clear your sidewalk

Be a good neighbour and clear the snow around your property as soon as possible. Free rock chips are also available to manage icy conditions.

Under  Bylaw 36-2013 (27.8 KB) , residents have eight days following a snowfall to clear the area around their property. The expectation is a flat, level path that is wide enough for strollers or walkers to safely pass by—we understand clearing down to the bare concrete is not always possible.

Person clearing snow with a snowblower

Sidewalk clearing tips

  • Avoid shovelling onto the road - Shovel the snow from your sidewalk and driveway onto your property and not onto the road. Shovelling snow onto the road can cause hazardous conditions.
  • Clear space around hydrants - If you have a fire hydrant near your home, please clear snow or ice at least 60 cm (2 ft) from around the hydrant to ensure Emergency Services’ crews can find and access the hydrant as quickly as possible in an emergency.
  • Keep catch basins clear - Clearing snow and ice around catch basins in the gutter by your property will help the melt water runoff and reduce flooding problems on the road.
  • Manage ice - If ice has formed on your sidewalk, you can use rock chips. “Chip” boxes are available in all neighbourhoods. Click here to see our interactive Chip Box location map.
  • Ask for help - If you are unable to clear your sidewalks, please arrange for someone to clear them for you. Strathcona County has a program called Snow Busters that connects eligible residents with volunteers.

Sidewalk Clearing Bylaw

Under the County’s Sidewalk Clearing Bylaw (27.8 KB) , if a sidewalk is not cleared within the eight-day window, the homeowner may receive a Snow Clearing Reminder. This written reminder provides the occupant/homeowner with seven days to remove the snow before a formal notice is given.

If the formal notice is not fulfilled within 24 hours, the County will clear the sidewalk at the homeowner’s expense. If the invoice for this clearing is not paid, the amount will be added to the homeowner’s property taxes.

Neighbourhood chip boxes

Ever noticed this green box in your neighbourhood? These green bins are chip boxes, and they are located throughout Strathcona County. If ice has formed on your sidewalk, you can use rock chips from these bins to manage it.

To report an empty chip box, please contact Transportation and Agriculture Services at 780-417-7100.

Image showing a local green chip box

Larger central chip locations are also placed throughout Strathcona County. Please only use the central locations if the chip box closest to you is empty.

Chip box map

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