Strathcona County has a rich history stemming back to the nomadic First Nations people, Metis settlement, European settlement and early agricultural communities. There are a number of historic sites, objects and resources within the County's boundaries that are visual current-day reminders of our past.

Recognizing these resources is important as we continue to tell the story of our history. Recognizing these places will also serve to help protect the County's history and culture for future generations.

Municipal designation of a historic resource

If you own a building or area that you believe to be historically significant, consider applying for historic designation. Depending on the specifics, if you receive Provincial designation, you could be eligible for available programs and funding. Provincial programs have conditions, so it is worth doing the research.

Strathcona County is currently developing a process to accept applications for municipal designation of historic resources. This process will be part of the first steps that align with the recommendations from the Heritage Resources Management Plan, which was approved by Council in November 2008.

Heritage Resource Final Report (1.5 MB)

The Heritage Resources Management Plan is a policy framework for enhanced heritage conservation initiatives.

Enquiries for municipal historic designation

If you would like to be considered for municipal historic designation, or have any questions, contact Brooke Hoeven at: 780-464-8142 or Please include the following information with your query:

  • Your name
  • Day-time phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Address of the property and a description of the specific site, building, area
  • A brief statement on the historical significance


Definitions from the Alberta's Historical Resources Act

  • Historic resource
    Means any work of nature or of humans that is primarily of value for its:
    • paleontological
    • archaeological
    • prehistoric, historic, cultural, natural, scientific or aesthetic interest including, but not limited to, a paleontological, archaeological, prehistoric, historic or natural site, structure or object;

"Historic site" means any site that includes or consists of an historical resource of an immovable nature or that cannot be disassociated from its context without destroying some or all of its value as an historical resource and includes a prehistoric, historic or natural site or structure;

"Archaeological resource" means a work of humans that is primarily of value for its prehistoric, historic, cultural or scientific significance, and is or was buried or partially buried in land in Alberta or submerged beneath the surface of any watercourse or permanent body of water in Alberta, and includes those works of humans or classes of works of humans designated by the regulations as archaeological resources;

"Historic object" means any historic resource of a movable nature including any specimen, artifact, document or work of art.

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