State of Public Health Emergency

New: The Province is limiting outdoor, private social gatherings to 20 people with a minimum of two metres physical distancing between households.

The County has adopted the Restrictions Exemption Program. Proof of vaccination, negative privately-paid COVID test result or medical exemption is required for non-essential County services, along with ID (18+). Proof is not required for essential services including voting, paying bills, counselling and navigation services, and riding Transit.

Youth ages 12-17 do not need to show vaccination proof, negative COVID test or exemption if they are participating only in sport, fitness or performance activities. If they are spectating, they will need proof. Test distributed by schools are provided by AHS and are not accepted for facility entrance.

Check the frequent questions for what types of vaccination proof we accept.

Under the provincial State of Public Health Emergency, provincial measures mandate physical distancing (where possible) and mandatory masking in all indoor spaces, workplaces and public vehicles province-wide.

Last Modified: Oct. 12, 2021, 3:34 p.m.

Random survey of businesses begins October 12

Strathcona County is reviewing how to best take action to support the plans and needs of local small and medium businesses.

Survey details

Last Modified: Oct. 5, 2021, 11:45 a.m.

You can in Strathcona County

Video: watch local businesses share about their success in Strathcona County. 

Strathcona County is the perfect place for you and your business to start, grow and succeed. From lower taxes to a location that can’t be topped, there are endless possibilities for industries to grow and find success.

Our local business community is celebrated and supported by our residents with an emphasis on shopping local. Find out more about the entrepreneurs who continue to find success in Strathcona County and find your place among them.

What businesses are saying

“A great place to do business. The staff at Strathcona County are excellent to work with, and they go the extra mile.” Inter Pipeline

“Strathcona County goes “all-in” with things they can rally around, and do a really good job with just looking after everyone here.” Roasti Coffee Co.

“When choosing where to have our business, choosing Strathcona County meant lower taxes and better access to business programming, and better supports for our business throughout.” Rivet Management

Benefits to doing business in Strathcona County

Small and medium-sized business survey

If you get a call, please share your thoughts! 

Letter to local business owners (66.6 KB)

We are conducting a random business retention and expansion survey from Tuesday, October 12 to Friday, November 5, 2021. 

  • Help us understand your challenges and opportunities, and how you view Strathcona County as a place to do business.  

  • Looking ahead, what are your top priorities? Do you have concerns over relocation, closure, or downsizing; or do you see opportunities such as expansion and hiring?  

  • If you receive a phone call from our project team, we would appreciate and respect the time you take to participate in our survey. 

  • The survey should take no longer than 15 minutes. Businesses selected for the random survey will be called from this number:  877-392-0956.  

Results from the survey will inform a report recommending priority areas for economic development activities such as policy and programs. The County has retained market research and economic development consulting firm MDB Insight for the project.  

Economic Development and Tourism
Phone: 780-464-8095

2001 Sherwood Drive
Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
T8A 3W7

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