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The Statutory Plans Terms of Reference (TOR) document acts as the Terms of Reference for and supports the Strathcona County Statutory Plans Procedure. Applicants shall follow the Statutory Plans TOR when preparing an new Area Structure Plan proposal, an Area Redevelopment Plan proposal, or proposing to amend a statutory plan. 

Statutory Plans in Strathcona County include Area Structure Plans (ASPs), Area Concept Plans (ACPs), Area Redevelopment Plans (ARPs), Municipal Development Plans (MDPs), and Intermunicipal Development Plans (IDPs).

The Statutory Plans TOR document provides detailed information that outlines the pre-application process, public engagement plan process, and application submission process.

The Statutory Plans TOR also includes detail on the ASP document layout through a number of figures that help to identify what should be included in the table of contents for specific ASPs, the structuring of the document to create a hierarchy that connects the overarching vision to more detailed implementable policies, and how to format policies.

Statutory Plans Terms of Reference (1.9 MB)


The Statutory Plans Procedure is a high-level document that Administration is to follow that identifies when a statutory plan is required and provides direction on requirements for Statutory Plan application submissions, public engagement plans, circulation and notification, external consultation and referrals, and information on how to approach  inactive applications, re-application, and concurrent applications.

Statutory plan procedure (137.4 KB)

Application form

The New Statutory Plan or Statutory Plan Amendment application form must be submitted to Strathcona County to ensure that a proposed development complies with the Municipal Development Plan and applicable County policies and standards.

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