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In many instances, issues that come up can be resolved before there's a need to file a complaint. Here are a few tips to help you build positive relations with your neighbours.

  • Get to know your neighbours.

  • Talk to them. Establish lines of communication.

  • In the course of your conversation, convey what is important to you, and invite them to convey what is important to them.

  • If you have a concern, respectfully make your neighbours aware of it, and allow them the opportunity to correct or change what they have been doing. This keeps the lines of communication open. In many situations, once the other person is aware their actions are causing a concern, they work to correct it.

It is much nicer to live in a neighbourhood where people work at being good neighbours versus living in a neighbourhood where everyone just does their own thing without care for what effect it has on others.

Resolving conflicts

Strathcona County Community Mediation (SCCM) 

  • Do you need help with having a difficult conversation? SCCM provides County residents with free mediation services and conflict resolution workshops. We are committed to assisting and educating County residents to resolve conflict respectfully.

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