Subscribing to waste collection services

Are you new to the County? Have you recently moved from an urban hamlet to a rural residence within the County? Are you moving away from the County? Here are some things to know about rates and subscribing to waste collection.

Sherwood Park and rural hamlet residents

Residents in Sherwood Park or in the townsite of rural hamlets, are automatically set up to receive weekly collection service. Call customer billing at 780-464-8273 to create or update your account information.

If you are moving out of the County, call customer billing at 780-464-8273 to cancel your subscription.

Rural residents

Residents living in rural areas must call the Utilities department to subscribe to weekly waste collection. Call 780-449-5514 to set up your account.

If you are moving call Utilities at 780-449-5514 to update or cancel your subscription.

Make sure your house number is visible from the road to ensure your waste collection is not missed.

Last updated: Tuesday, February 12, 2019
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