Close up of a Community Peace Officer using a decibel reader to measure the noise coming out of the motorcycle

Project TENSOR (Traffic Enforcement Noise/Speed Offence Reduction) is a proven traffic initiative that will concentrate enforcement efforts on reducing noise and speeding on County roadways.

Strathcona County peace officers, in partnership with the local RCMP, will be launching Project TENSOR EAST in our community this summer.

Beginning in May and running until early fall, Project TENSOR EAST will focus its enforcement on “hot spots” around the County, including areas that the County receives citizen complaints about.

Enforcement will focus on vehicles that:

  • create excessive noise,
  • speed or stunt on the streets
  • violate any equipment restrictions, as per the Traffic Safety Act.

Enforcement is the primary focus of Project TENSOR EAST. Drivers and/or owners will be required to fix any equipment violations to ensure their vehicle complies with Traffic Safety Act (TSA) regulations.

Strathcona County gratefully acknowledges the Edmonton Police Service for sharing their Project TENSOR approach.

More information:

RCMP and Enforcement Services
911 Bison Way Sherwood Park, Alberta T8H 1S9

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