Information and hours of operation

Strathcona County spray parks are available starting in May each year, with select spray decks opening by July 1 (weather permitting). Spray parks and decks remain open until September. See the list below for information on locations and hours.

Spray park locations and hours

Frequently asked questions

  • Are pets permitted in the spray deck? 
    We encourage you to please leave your pet at home while visiting the spray deck. Pets are not permitted on the spray deck or playground and are required to be on leash.
  • Is there an age restriction? 
    No, all ages and families are welcome. Please play carefully and watch for little children.
  • Is this spray deck staffed? 
    The spray deck is monitored for cleanliness and maintenance, but it is not staffed. Parents are asked to please watch their children.

Water restriction or ban

When a Strathcona County water restriction is announced, the use of non-essential water needs to be reduced. The RE/MAX Spray Park and Playground in Broadmoor Lake Park and the ArrKann Spray Park in Ardrossan Regional Park will remain open as the water recirculates, however all other spray decks where the water fully drains will be closed.

When a Strathcona County water ban is announced, the use of non-essential water needs to be discontinued, and all outdoor water use is prohibited. All spray decks and spray parks will be closed, including the RE/MAX Spray Park and Playground in Broadmoor Lake Park and the ArrKann Spray Park in Ardrossan Regional Park.

Accessible water wheelchair

An elongated black and blue wheelchair with two side wheels and a larger, rounded front wheel in the shape of a ball.

An all-terrain, accessible water wheelchair is available for use at certain spray parks. It is designed for children/youth who have physical disabilities in order to support access to water-based recreation activities. It is available on a first-come, first-serve basis and cannot be booked in advance. There is no cost for using the wheelchair.

The wheelchair is available at specific spray park locations throughout the summer months.

Current availability

Location How to request

Summer 2023

RE/MAX Spray Park (Broadmoor Lake Park)

Front desk at Kinsmen Leisure Centre (closed on statutory holidays)

More about the aquatics wheelchair:

  • The brand name of the wheelchair is called Hippocampe, and you may also hear it lovingly referred to as "The Sea Horse".
  • The wheelchair is designed for the outdoors, can handle rougher terrain, and can get soaking wet in our spray parks.

Wheelchair guidelines:

  • The wheelchair is designed for younger individuals between 4'7 and 5'7 in height, with a maximum weight of 285 pounds. A harness is available for users below 4'7 in height.
  • Adults with physical disabilities are welcome to use the wheelchair as long as they are within the size restrictions.
  • Wheelchair users require a care giver to be present for the duration of use.
  • Spray park attendants are able to help patrons on and off the wheelchair at the guidance of a care giver, however staff are not responsible for safely leading this process.
  • A specialty changeroom is available (Kinsmen Leisure Centre only)



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