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*While using the playgrounds, please remember to:* * Wash your hands at home before and after playground use. * While at playground, use hand sanitizer before and after touching equipment. * Avoid touching your face. * Keep at least two metres distance from people outside of your household. * Follow Alberta Health gathering restrictions. * Stay home if sick or displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 * Stay in your neighbourhood to help reduce the number of people using the playgrounds at the same time. *While using the trail system, please remember to:* * walk within your own neighbourhood and stay close to home * always keep at least 6 feet (2 metres) distance from others * stay home as much as possible and avoid close contact with other people * share the trails and warn others of your presence as you pass * avoid touching communal surfaces
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Digital trail map

Trail map

This guide shows the trail system parks within Strathcona County. Use the map features below to plan your route and filter by trail surface type, park amenities and subdivisions.

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Cycle map

This guide provides information on featured routes along with 287 km of trails in Sherwood Park. Explore new routes and make your bike ride a little more interesting by visiting points of interest along the way.

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Strathcona County Regional Trail

Strathcona County Regional Trail

This 22 kilometre section of trail in Strathcona County is part of the regional trail system along the North Saskatchewan River. The entire regional trail system is 88 kilometres, connecting Devon to Sturgeon County.

Riverside Nature Trail

This 5.5 km riverside nature trail runs along the North Saskatchewan River and was constructed in partnership with the River Valley Alliance. One trailhead is at Township Road 540 and Range Road 232. The other trail head is west on Township Road 540, about 1 km.

Trail etiquette: please respect our trails and the nature surrounding them.

  • Take only photos. Enjoy the trails! Leave all rocks, fossils, horns, antlers, wildflowers, nests and other natural or historic objects where they are for others to enjoy.
  • Respect the trail. Leave the wilderness as you found it, don’t break branches or cause damage. If out with a dog, keep them on a leash and pick up and properly dispose of their waste.
  • Share the trail. Trails are shared by hikers, trail runners, mountain bikers, and wildlife alike. Respect other users and yield the right of way to ensure safety. Use extra caution when cycling, cyclists can quickly and quietly startle wildlife. Keep children within one arm’s reach on and around ice.

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