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Astotin Creek and its tributaries have experienced three major flooding events in the past ten years. These events have caused flooded farmland, damaged county roads and threatened homes and industrial infrastructure within the Astotin Basin.

View the Astotin Basin area map and data atlas

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To help manage current and future water issues, Strathcona County undertook a detailed study to understand historical changes and current conditions for the Astotin Creek basin.

The key goals of the study were to:

  • Create an action plan that will address flood, drought and water quality issues in priority areas within the Astotin Creek basin  
  • Restore and enhance ecological connectivity and function in critical areas of the Astotin Creek basin
  • Increase capacity, knowledge, awareness and participation by industrial landowners, private landowners and agricultural producers in activities that can restore and maintain critical areas and functions of Astotin Creek.

The study included an ecological assessment and hydrological and hydraulic analyses. Stormwater management planning and the development of a Resiliency Action Plan were accompanied by community and stakeholder engagement. 

Final reports

Astotin Creek Resiliency Action Plan

Astotin Creek State of the Watershed

Astotin Creek Drainage Plan

The Three Es

engagement, engineering, environment

These three elements must be balanced when making decisions about Astotin Creek. The actions in the resiliency plan reflect community and stakeholder input, sound engineering practices, and the need for a sustainable creek environment.   

Public engagement

Extensive engagement with area landowners and stakeholders was required for the success of the study.

Phase 1 engagement materials

View the Community Engagement Summary report (6.4 MB) for Phase 1. 

Project engagement timelines

  • Phase 1 (Collecting data) - Summer 2021
  • Phase 2 (Public engagement and report development) - Fall/Winter 2021/2022
  • Phase 3 (Implementation) - TBA

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