Community Drug Strategy

The strategy

The Community Drug Strategy is made up of 15 different community organizations that is challenging the way we think about and approach addiction and substance use to best address root causes. This new approach recognizes addiction does not discriminate and recovery is at the individual, family and community levels. 

The strategy provides an evidence-base for comprehensive, dynamic community conversations to key issues related to substance use in Strathcona County. It also outlines actions under the four pillars of prevention, treatment, harm reduction and community inclusion and safety that are needed to address the harmful effects of drug use. 

Community Drug Strategy for Strathcona County: From addiction to connection (10.1 MB)

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Tackling the opioid crisis

Opioids Don’t Discriminate: An Interactive Experience  

For two days in 2018 and four days in 2019, the Strathcona County Community Drug Strategy Committee ran Opioids Don’t Discriminate: An Interactive Exhibit. Over the six days, more than 1,200 participants visited the exhibit. This exhibit took an innovative approach to raising awareness about the opioid crisis. The exhibit aimed to reduce stigma and increase empathy for those living with opioid misuse. It also aimed to inspire participants to act.  

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Do It Yourself Kit 

This Do-it-Yourself Kit is intended to explain the approaches, concepts, tools and learnings used to design and run the exhibit. It is a way to share key aspects of the exhibit for those who might want to do something similar where they live. It is a way to enable future action to support those affected by the opioids crisis.  

Download a copy of the kit here (6.6 MB)

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