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Under the umbrella of the Alberta Municipal Government Act, municipalities govern the development of lands within their boundaries. Statutory plans, policies, the municipal development plan, the land use bylaw and area concept/structure plans are some of the documents used in the planning and development process.

Municipal Development Plan - long term policy document which provides guidelines for orderly growth and development over the next 20 years

Area Concept Plans - a comprehensive planning framework and generalized future land use concept that guides subsequent development plans

Area Structure Plans - statutory plans that outline development of a small part of a community or neighbourhood

Conceptual Scheme - a non-statutory framework that outlines future development and subdivision concepts within rural areas of the County

Land Use Bylaw - regulates use and development of land 

Subdivision plans - maps of existing subdivisions

School zone designation and development - Includes a map of future school zones

Civic Addressing Bylaw - outlines the requirements for displaying addresses

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