Parking bans during snow removal

When the County needs to clear the snow in Sherwood Park neighbourhoods, temporary parking restrictions are required. 

There are two types of parking bans: snow route parking bans and residential parking bans. You can sign up for snow route parking ban notifications through SC Alerts.

Snow route parking bans

Snow route when declared sign

Snow route parking bans affect collector roads, which are marked with snow route when declared signs year round. Collector roads are classified as Priority 3 under the  Winter Maintenance Policy (123.9 KB) and are cleared when the snow accumulation reaches 15 to 21 centimetres.   

  • Parking bans will be declared a minimum of 24 hours before parking restrictions are enforced.
  • Remove vehicles from the street or park on residential streets without snow route signs. 
  • It may take up to eight days to clear the snow.
  • View a complete list of collector roads (70.6 KB)

Avoid a tow! Sign up to stay in the know.

Sign up for Snow Route Parking ban notifications through Strathcona County Alerts (SC Alerts). Choose from phone calls, text messaging, and email notification.

You can also find out about parking bans through:

Residential street snow removal 

Residential street parking bans

Residential streets are classified as Priority 4 roads and are cleared when the snow depth reaches 10 centimetres of compacted snow before January 1, or 7 centimetres after January 1.  Compacted snow depth is measured every two weeks at 26 locations throughout Sherwood Park. The measurements of these streets are then averaged to determine the need for snow removal.

Watch for Residential Street Snow Removal in progress posted in your neighbourhood.

  • Signs will include dates parking is not permitted.
  • It may take up to 10-12 days to remove the snow from all neighbourhoods in Sherwood Park.  
  • Follow the status of snow removal on the Residential Street online web map.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What if I don’t want to sign up for Strathcona County Alerts?

    Signing up for SC Alerts for snow route parking bans is completely optional. If you do not sign up for SC Alerts, it is very important that you stay informed about parking bans through other sources such as:

  • 2. Why doesn’t SC Alerts include residential parking bans?

    SC Alerts is meant for emergent notifications only (other examples include water bans and tornado warnings). Snow Route parking bans are announced within 24 hours of snow removal, whereas residential parking bans can take up to 12 days to complete, making the notification much less “emergent” in nature.

  • 3. My street has been plowed, can I park on the street again?

    You are free to park on your street after the snow has been windrowed and removed. Please do not park on the street next to windrows.

  • 4. My vehicle was towed. Where is it?

    Vehicles are usually towed around the corner to a street where parking is permitted. If you cannot find your vehicle, please contact Enforcement Services at 780-449-0170.

  • 5. What will happen if I am out of town when a parking ban is declared?

    Please, make arrangements to remove your vehicle from the road while you are out of town. If a parking ban is declared while you are away, your vehicle may be tagged and towed.

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