Parking bans during snow removal

When the County needs to clear the snow in Sherwood Park neighbourhoods, temporary parking restrictions are required.

Watch for signs and please move your vehicle.

Snow route parking bans

Snow route parking bans affect collector roads, which are marked with snow route when declared signs year round. Sign up for SC Alerts.

Image showing a snow route clearing sign on a light post

Residential street snow removal

Residential streets are classified as Priority 4 roads and are cleared when the snow depth reaches 10 centimetres of compacted snow before January 1, or 7 centimetres after January 1.

Image showing an orange residential snow clearing sign

Winter priorities map

Our winter priorities map is a web-based, interactive map allowing users to see their road classification/priority. 

Launch interactive map

Stay in the know!

You can find out about both types of parking restrictions through:

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Last updated: Tuesday, March 24, 2020
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