Snow route parking bans affect collector roads, which are marked with snow route when declared signs year round.

Collector roads are classified as Priority 3 under the  Winter Maintenance Policy (119.9 KB)  and are cleared when the snow accumulation reaches 15 centimetres.   

  • Parking bans will be declared a minimum of 24 hours before parking restrictions are enforced.
  • Remove vehicles from the street or park on residential streets without snow route signs. 
  • It may take up to five days to clear the snow.
  • View a complete list of collector roads (185.9 KB)

Please remove vehicles from the road

To allow for safe and efficient snow removal, drivers have a responsibility to remove their vehicles from affected roadways when a snow route parking ban is declared. Officers are authorized to issue a $250 ticket and tow on any vehicle in violation of parking restrictions.

If you received a ticket or have questions about the towing process, please contact Enforcement Services directly at 780-467-7741.

Not sure where to park?

During a snow route parking ban, you may park on all other residential streets in your neighbourhood that are not marked with “snow route when declared” signs.

Parking is permitted on snow routes again after the snow has been removed.

Follow along with our clearing progress

Our snow route clearing map is a web-based, interactive map allowing users to follow along with our snow clearing efforts and see which roads have been cleared and are being worked on.

A snow route parking ban is not currently in effect.

Launch full interactive map

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You can also find out about parking bans through:

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