As a recreation vehicle (RV) owner, it’s important to know the parking and storage rules in Strathcona County. 


Recreational vehicle attached to a truck parked on the street


A recreational vehicle (RV) is defined as a vehicle or trailer that is designed, constructed and equipped, either temporarily or permanently, as a temporary accommodation for travel, vacation, or recreational use and to be driven, towed or transported. 

RVs include:

  • duly licensed travel trailers
  • motorized homes
  • slide-in campers
  • chassis-mounted campers
  • boats
  • all terrain vehicles
  • snowmobiles
  • tent trailers

Park, pack and prepare your RV in 36 hours

RVs are permitted to park on the road in residential neighbourhoods for up to 36 hours (must be attached to a vehicle).

Why 36 hours?

  • Allows an RV owner sufficient time to load and unload their RV. 
  • Minimizes disruption to neighbours and other road users.
  • Avoids long duration stays over weekends and the potential for the RV to be used as a dwelling.
  • Discourages RV parking all week.

Park your RV safely

Recreational vehicle not attached to a vehicle parked on the street

It is your responsibility to park your recreation vehicle safely in residential neighbourhoods.

  • RVs must not block traffic or pedestrians. 
  • RVs must not overhang the sidewalk or road.
  • Unattached trailers are not permitted at any time on the road.

RV parking on your property

Recreational vehicle parked on the driveway but hanging over the sidewalk which is not allowed

Tips for parking RVs on your property

  • RVs can be parked on your approved parking space/hard surfaced driveway, as long as they do not overhang the sidewalk or road. Review the document below, Parking in urban residential areas to determine the approved parking space/hard surfaced driveway on your property or contact Planning and Development Services.

  • RVs cannot be parked on landscaped areas, including front and side yards, on your property.

  • RVs can be parked on your driveway year-round, as long as the RV is parked safely, and on an approved parking space/hard surfaced driveway.

    Parking in urban residential areas (637.1 KB)

Common questions

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