Street sweeping

Every spring, crews sweep sand and dirt left on our streets from the winter season. Street sweeping usually begins in mid to late April, depending when the snow melts from residential yards and boulevards. 

Street sweeper working on residential road

How long does it take?

It takes sweepers approximately 4-5 weeks to clear all the roadways. 

Why doesn't the County start sweeping streets earlier?
All streets must be dry enough to clear the sand away, otherwise the sweepers will smear mud on the roads. We also need to be confident that the possibility of snow is minimal before we start sweeping the streets to avoid sanding roads that were previously swept.

How you can help

  • Move any parked cars
  • Sweep your sidewalk and driveway onto the street
  • Remove rubber driveway mats and any other on-street obstructions (basketball nets, waste collection carts, etc.)
  • If street sweeping occurs on your waste collection day, please place your roll-out cart at the end of your driveway and not on the road or sidewalk
  • Do not park on the street until the signs at the neighbourhood entrances have been removed

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