Traffic management and safety decisions are data-driven and guided by several plans, partnerships and strategic approaches.

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The Neighbourhood Traffic Safety Action Plan

The Neighbourhood Traffic Safety Action Plan (NTSAP) (1.1 MB) defines key actions that can be taken to improve the safety and livability of Strathcona County’s residential areas. It outlines traffic and pedestrian safety improvements that are made during annual rehabilitation work.

Traffic Safety Strategic Plan

Traffic safety decision-making in the County is guided by the Traffic Safety Strategic Plan 2020. (3.9 MB)

Traffic safety in Strathcona County is the joint responsibility of Strathcona County's RCMP and Enforcement Services department, and the Planning, Engineering and Safety branch of Transportation Engineering and Operations. 

Safe Systems Approach

Through the application of the Safe System Approach, we are working towards the day when no one is seriously injured or killed while travelling on Strathcona County's road network.

Intersection Safety Action Plan

Strathcona County regularly screens the road network to check for locations with a high incidence of serious collisions. When a location is identified, a full assessment is conducted to find out how to improve the safety of that spot. All actions are based on the Intersection Safety Action Plan (1.8 MB) , developed in 2017.

Traffic intersection safety priorities

  1. Reduce right angle (t-bone) collisions
  2. Reduce collision involving pedestrian and cyclists
  3. Reduce speed and improve intersection safety

Learn more about the role of speed in crashes

Strathcona County Traffic Collision Statistics Reports

Between 2014 and 2023, there were more than 18,693 motor vehicle collisions reported in Strathcona County. Sixty-six people lost their lives and 437 suffered major, often life-changing injuries. Altogether, these collisions cost our community over $400 million. Learn more about the cost of collisions


Capital Region Integrated Safety Partnership (CRISP) shares resources and expertise to implement ongoing, collaborative and integrated intersection safety initiatives to reduce the frequency and severity of intersection collisions in the Capital Region.

CARTS (Community Action on Residential Traffic Safety) is a group of local residents who are passionate about promoting safety and quality of life in their neighbourhoods by engaging their community to help tame residential traffic. 

The Strathcona County School Traffic Safety Partnership addresses school-related traffic safety issues. 

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