Urban wildfire risk assessments

A mowed swath acts as a fire break for combustible fuels.

A mowed swath of grass acts as a fire break for combustible fuels. 

The FireSmart program works with residents to identify, reduce or eliminate as many fire hazards and fuel sources on an individual's property as possible.

In the summer of 2016, 62 parks and stormwater management facilities (3.4 MB)  with natural vegetation in Sherwood Park were assessed as part of a Reserve and Parkland Wildfire Risk Assessment. 

Wildfire risk that was evaluated included:

  • any continuous slope greater than 10 degrees (the greater the slope, the more risk)
  • forest vegetation (deciduous, coniferous or mixed with both deciduous and coniferous)
  • surface vegetation (grasses) adjacent to a dwelling (did not include fences or sheds)
  • surface vegetation (deadfall) adjacent to a dwelling
  • the amount and type of fuels that would allow a fire to climb up from the ground into the tree canopy (risk is greater if 50 per cent or more if the area has conifers)
  • potential of igniting a fire (is there any evidence of fire activity in the area, human activity or no activity)

Tree stands in Sherwood Park are mostly made up of healthy, deciduous trees, which are less flammable than coniferous trees. Human-caused ignition remains the largest single risk for wildfire in Sherwood Park.

Based on the above considerations, the Summerwood Stormwater Management Facility and the Clover Bar Ranch Park areas were identified as areas that would benefit most from wildfire risk reduction strategies based on FireSmart principles. A mowed swath of grass, which will be maintained by Strathcona County every fall, acts as a fire break for combustible fuels. The mowed swath of grass was implemented in 2016.

Additional work in identified parks and stormwater management facilities will be completed in 2017. If you have any questions or concerns about these areas, contact the Community Safety Education Coordinator at 780-416-7215 or firesmart@strathcona.ca.

Priority areas that would benefit from wildfire risk reduction strategies and/or education ( marked in red on map) (3.4 MB) .

Name Location
Brentwood School 28 Heron Road
Clover Bar Park 875 Jim Common Drive
Davidson Creek Lakeland Drive/Dawson Drive
Trail through natural area on Sherwood Drive and Brentwood Blvd. South side of Sherwood Drive and Brentwood Blvd.
Gillies Road Park Gillies Road
Heritage Hills Park (south) 260 Heritage Hills
Summerwood Urban Forest Summerland Drive
Summerwood Forest stand by creek Summerwood Blvd south to Lakeland Dr
Summerwood Stormwater Management Facility Summerwood Blvd
Utilities row (Lakeland Drive to Jim Common Drive) Lakeland Drive South to Jim Common Drive

Secondary areas will be continually monitored (marked in green on map) (3.4 MB) .

Name Location
Aspen Trails Urban Forest Lakeland Drive
Ball Lake Stormwater Management Facility Newport Drive and Nottingham Blvd
Baseline and Sherwood Drive Stormwater Management Facility South East intersection of Sherwood Drive and Baseline Road
Broadmoor Lake North and South Oak Street and Sherwood Drive
Broadmoor Tennis Courts Oak Street
Broadview Stormwater Management Facility By Costco (Broadway Cres and Buckingham Drive)
Buckingham Stormwater Management Facility Buckingham Drive
Campbell Stormwater Management Facility  Campbell Drive
Cascade Stormwater Management Facility Crimson Drive
OLPH Church forest 13 Brower Drive
Centennial Ball Park and Wetland North and South 4000 Sherwood Drive, Centennial Park
Clarkdale Meadows Stormwater Management Facility 140 Meadowview Drive
Craigavon Stormwater Management Facility 13 Craigavon Drive
Dairy Queen (forested area) 20 Cranford Way
East Ball Lake Park Newport Drive
Eastgate Stormwater Management Facility Granada Blvd
Estates of Sherwood Park Estate Drive
Foxboro right of way trail Foxboro Way/Foxhaven Drive
Gilmore Park 15 Gilmore Ave.
Glen Allan Park 106 Georgian Way
Glen Allan right of way trail Granada Blvd and Carson Drive
Heritage Hills Park North 260 Heritage Hills
Heritage Hills Wetland Highland Drive
Meadowview Drive right of way  Meadowview Drive west to Clover Bar Road
Mills Haven Stormwater Management Facility Malvern Drive
North of RCMP station 911 Bison Way
North side of Granada Blvd Granada Blvd
North side of Sherwood Drive Oak Street
Ottewell Barn 590 Broadmoor Blvd
Parker Drive Park Parker Drive
Merryvale Cres Park Merryvale Cres
Peacock Drive Park Peacock Drive
Regency Park 16 Ritchie Way
Salisbury Village Centre Salisbury Way
Salisbury Village East Mitchell Street
Sandpiper Park Brentwood Blvd
Sherwood Heights Park 50 Spruce Ave
Sherwood Heights Jr. High 241 Fir Street
Strathcona Athletic Park 110 Clover Bar Road
Strathcona Christian Academy 52362 Range Road 231
The Ridge North Stormwater Management Facility Regency Drive
The Ridge Park and South Park Regency Drive
Village on the Lake Park West

695 Village Drive

Village on the Lake Stormwater Management Facility

Village Drive

Westboro Park

1011 Strathcona Drive

Woodbridge Stormwater Management Facility

Woodbridge Way

Woodbridge West

Sioux Road


If you see evidence of fire play in your parks as shown above, report it by calling 780-449-9651.

Call 9-1-1 if you see an active illegal fire.

There are some simple ways you can help reduce the wildfire risk on your property:

  • If you see evidence of fire play (e.g. campfire pits) in your park, report it by calling Fire Prevention and Investigation at 780-449-9651.
  • Dispose of raked leaves and yard waste appropriately by using your green organics cart. Extra yard waste collection week is another option, as is bringing yard waste to the Broadview Enviroservice at 101 Broadview Road. Please note, it is illegal to dump yard waste onto County property.
  • Ensure your backyard recreational fire pit is a minimum of three metres from any combustibles and that it has a heavy gauge metal screen over it to reduce the chance of flying hot embers.
  • Poplar fuzz is flammable. Consider raking it back from your property line during the seasonal periods of accumulation.

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