A mowed swath acts as a fire break for combustable fuels.
A mowed swath acts as a fire break for combustible fuels.

The FireSmart program works with residents to make their properties safer. The program helps identify, reduce or eliminate as many fire hazards and fuel sources on an individual's property as possible. 

The wildfire urban interface is the area where trees meet structures. 

Human-caused ignition remains the largest single risk for wildfire in Sherwood Park. Treed areas in Sherwood Park are mostly made up of healthy, deciduous trees which are less flammable than coniferous trees. 

Below is a link to an interactive map that allows residents and park users to get park information, view assessments and report any wildfire hazards.

Call 9-1-1 if you see an active illegal fire.

Interactive map

Areas are given a priority of high, medium and low. Any areas that are identified as high, are assessed annually until it has been downgraded to medium or low.

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Report a hazard

Fill-out this form if you need to report a fire hazard you observed in Strathcona County.

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Below is a list of the criteria that are looked at when determining if an area is at risk for wildfire

  • any continuous slope greater than 10 degrees (the greater the slope, the more risk)
  • forest vegetation (deciduous, coniferous or mixed with both deciduous and coniferous)
  • surface vegetation (grasses) adjacent to a dwelling (did not include fences or sheds)
  • surface vegetation (deadfall) adjacent to a dwelling
  • the amount and type of fuels that would allow a fire to climb up from the ground into the tree canopy (risk is greater if 50 per cent or more if the area has conifers)
  • potential of igniting a fire (is there any evidence of fire activity in the area, human activity or no activity)

There are some simple ways you can help reduce the wildfire risk on your property:

  • If you see evidence of fire play (e.g. campfire pits) in your park, report it by calling Fire Prevention and Investigation at 780-449-9651.
  • Dispose of raked leaves and yard waste appropriately by using your green organics cart. Or bring your yard and brush waste to the Broadview Enviroservice at 101 Broadview Road. Please note, it is illegal to dump yard waste onto County property.
  • Ensure your backyard recreational fire pit is a minimum of three metres from any combustibles and that it has a heavy gauge metal screen over it to reduce the chance of flying hot embers.
  • Poplar fuzz is flammable. Consider raking it back from your property line during the seasonal periods of accumulation.
  • Fully extinguish a fire by soaking it with water, stirring it and soaking it again. If it’s warm, it isn’t extinguished. If it was a large burn pile, check it again in a couple days to make sure it is out. 
  • Book a free FireSmart home inspection. Contact Community Safety Education firesmart@strathcona.ca or call 780-464-8468 today.

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