Strathcona County maintains an insurance program to ensure protection of all residents against loss or damage caused by negligence of the County or its employees.

If you have incurred costs for which you believe the County may be responsible, you may submit a claim for reimbursement. The Municipal Government Act requires that the County receive notification of all claims in writing. To ensure that your claim is received and processed with diligence and fairness, please see the Frequently Asked Questions for further information and instructions.  

Note that payment in respect of property damage or bodily injury is contingent upon Strathcona County being found legally liable. We suggest that in all cases of damage, you contact your insurance company or broker. Depending on the type of property damaged and the insurance policy you purchased, you may be eligible for greater compensation than you can legally recover from the County or other party, such as a contractor. If your insurance company believes the County is responsible for your damages, they will then seek recovery on your behalf as stipulated in your insurance policy.

Like most Canadian municipalities, Strathcona County only compensates when it is legally liable for the damage sustained. This approach helps to reduce costs for the taxpaying public, who ultimately bear the cost of these claims.

All claims must be submitted, in writing. Send in the claim form by fax, email, mail or delivery to:

Strathcona County
Financial Services, Risk Management
2001 Sherwood Drive
Sherwood Park, Alberta
T8A 3W7
Email: [email protected]
Fax: 780-464-8170

Download a claim form here

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