We're making Strathcona County safer, one fire inspection at a time! 

Strathcona County has a fire inspection program for businesses and property owners in Strathcona County. The goal of the program is to help make Strathcona County a safer place by educating business and property owners about fire and community safety, and to identify and correct any fire or life safety issues.

How can I prepare for a fire inspection?

Complete the self-inspection checklist (246.7 KB) to correct any violations before the fire inspector arrives. Businesses may also use the emergency lighting inspection monthly check sheet. (679.6 KB) to assist in the inspection process.

Schools can use the school fire safety guide (274.3 KB) to assist with fire code compliance.

​How do I create a Fire Safety Plan?

Please refer to the Fire Safety Plan and template (63.1 KB)  to assist you with creating a site specific Fire Safety Plan for your business.

How do I book an inspection?

Contact Fire Prevention at 780-449-9651 or fireinspections@strathcona.ca

How do I provide feedback on my inspection?

Please take a moment to fill in the  customer satisfaction survey (178.2 KB) . Your feedback is valuable.

Are you a contractor conducting work in Strathcona County?

Strathcona County Emergency Services (SCES) continues to strive to be the safest community in Canada and appreciates the collaboration with fire protection professionals to ensure the Fire Code is followed. 

Effective January 1, 2021, all fire protection reports must be provided to the occupant within seven days and uploaded into the SCES Contractor Portal within 14 days of the inspection.

SCES Contractor Portal (156.4 KB) includes:

  • Company registration
  • Technician registration (includes credential information if applicable) 
  • Uploading inspections and repairs

Fire protection reports includes: 

  • Fire alarms
  • Sprinkler systems (includes standpipe and backflow)
  • Special suppression systems (clean agent/dry chemical)
  • Commercial kitchen suppression
  • Commercial kitchen exhaust
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Emergency lights
  • Emergency generators
  • Rolling fire doors
  • Fire pumps
  • Private fire hydrants

All reports must include:

  • Inspection standards (eg. NFPA, CAN-ULC)
  • Standard reference year as described in the Fire Code
  • Technicians name and signature
  • Technicians certification number (if applicable)
  • Deficiencies requiring action

Recommendations, remarks and comments will not be actioned by Strathcona County Emergency Services.

For additional information see the  SCES Contractor Portal Introduction Letter (63.8 KB) and Fire Services Bylaw (Page 6)

Are you hosting a special event?

Fire Inspectors work with event organizers to inspect event sites and make fire safety recommendations to ensure Alberta Fire Code compliance.  

Do you require a food truck inspection?

For mobile food vendors operating in Strathcona County, please contact Fire Prevention to book an inspection. An annual inspection is required in Strathcona County.

To assist with the inspection, we recommend food trucks have a documentation binder on site containing important documents for the Fire Inspector to review. If these documents are present and the vendor is operating safely, the inspection process should be very quick and easy. Documents in the binder may include: 

  • Fire protection reports 
    • Kitchen 
    • Exhaust 
    • Fire Extinguishers 
  • Training Records of Staff 
  • Leak detection records (If propane is present) 
  • Fire Safety Plan 
  • AHS Documentation 
  • Gas Inspection Records 
  • Electrical Inspection Records 
  • Annual inspections from other municipalities 

Please post the Fire Safety Plan (270.9 KB) on your food truck to ensure additional safety.

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