Rules for drone use

Mini-drone on the palm of a child's hand

If you plan to fly a drone for fun (not for work or research), you must learn and follow the federal laws that apply to recreational drone use. If you are using your drone for work or research, you will need special permission from Transport Canada to fly your drone.

Please note, Strathcona County cannot provide permissions for drone usage, as drones are classified as aircraft and fall under federal jurisdiction.

Drones are regulated by Transport Canada. Visit Transport Canada’s website for information on:

  • Rules for recreational drones
  • When you need permission to fly a drone
  • Legal requirements when flying a drone
  • New regulations for drones

Questions about drone use should be directed to Transport Canada.

Complaints about drone use in Strathcona County should be directed to RCMP at 780-467-7741.

Last updated: Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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