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If we each take simple steps to reduce our impact, together we can make a big difference. Learn about programs, resources and tools to help you do your part.

Reduce waste

Everyday strategies to help you create less garbage. Your actions count to protect the environment.

Conserve water

Learn how to reduce your water usage, indoors and outdoors. It's good for the environment and for a smaller bill too!

Fun 'green' events 

Come to one of these County events to learn, in a fun and community oriented way, how to take care of the planet.

Waste Reduction Week

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Waste Reduction Week is celebrated across Canada each October. To find out more about what other parts of Canada are doing to reduce their waste visit Waste Reduction Week in Canada

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Stop invasive species

Invasive species are non-native plants and animals that impact natural areas.  Once established, they are very difficult and costly to manage, control and remove. Learn to identify and remove them early.

Biodiversity monitoring

Be a citizen scientist! Share what you observe to provide information to the scientific community. This can help with research, experiments, collecting and analyzing data, and even making new discoveries. Check out some of the nature hot spots in Strathcona County and share your pictures of biodiversity.

Protecting the North Saskatchewan River

The water that enters our stormwater system does not go through an engineered treatment process before it releases to the North Saskatchewan River. You can take action to protect our stormwater system and ecosystem.

Create your legacy – conserve your land’s natural features

A solution to vanishing natural habitats: a ​conservation easement  can ensure natural forests, wetlands, grasslands and lakes will be available for future generations to enjoy. It allows landowners to continue to manage and own the land while protecting the future of the land forever.


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