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Environmental Policy Development and Implementation - There are always opportunities for enhancement, and within this line of business, we research and write policy that reflects the commitment Strathcona County has made to conserve the natural environment. In addition to the development of policy, we ensure that policy is effectively implemented and in alignment with provincial and federal legislation. Learn more about wetlands and lake stewardship. Review a sample of our policies and directives on the topic of environmental planning.

Conservation of Biological Diversity Policy (SER-009-041)
Conservation and Environmental Reserve Easements Directive (SER-009-031D)
Biophysical Assessment Directive (SER-009-032D)
Tree Conservation Directive (SER-009-042D)
Wetland Conservation Directive (SER-009-036D)
Light Efficient Community - (SER-009-038)
Legacy Lands Directive (SER-012-010D)

Off-site Development Levies Annual Report

Off-site Development Levies Annual Report

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