Utility rate changes

Effective January 1, 2023, there will be some changes in the water and wastewater costs on residents' monthly utility bills. Current utility rates vary depending on several factors including location and type of service. Detailed rate information is in the Fees and Charges schedule.

Utilities rates vary across the County, but for the average home in Sherwood Park, the 2023 Proposed Budget would mean an increase of 3.7% on their utility bill in January ($4.48 per month based on usage of 14.5 m3). 

Starting in May, there will be an additional $1.80 per month increase to the waste service, but at that time residents will have the option to choose a smaller waste cart to save $12 per month. Further details about the Sort and Save program to come in early 2023.

Utility rates explained

Water rates

  • Water — flat charge: This pays for the water meter, monthly billing and maintenance of fire hydrants.
  • Water — metered: This pays for infrastructure, operation and maintenance costs. The actual cost for each household will depend on the volume of water used. You can control some of the costs by following some simple water conservation practices.
  • Water — truck fills: For residents who purchase water from the Sherwood Park, Ardrossan or South Cooking lake truck fill stations.

Wastewater rates

  • Wastewater — O & M: (operation and maintenance) This charge is to pay for the operation and maintenance of sewer lines. This charge is made up of both a fixed rate charge and a metered charge based on your water consumption. On your utility bill these two wastewater charges are combined.
  • Wastewater — treatment: This charge reflects the cost of sewage treatment at the Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission Treatment Plant. This charge is based on the amount of water consumed by each household. Wastewater treatment charges are calculated on 92.5% of water used to account for water that doesn’t enter the sewer system.

Stormwater rates

Waste management rates

Sample utility bills

The average home uses 14.5 m3 (cubic meters) of water each month. The example bills below are calculated based on this average. These bills show the rates that will take effect on January 1, 2023.

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