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What is MyAccounts?

Strathcona County has replaced our online system for property tax and utility billing (Your Accounts) with MyAccounts, a new online user portal that makes it easier and convenient to access your property tax and utility accounts all in one place.

The new MyAccounts system is live. If you have an existing online account for property tax or utilities, you will need to create a new one in MyAccounts.

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Setting up MyAccounts

If you would like to view your utility account or property tax account online you will need to sign up for a MyAccounts profile. Then you can connect your MyAccounts to your utility and/or property tax account.

To register in MyAccounts, customers will need their new account number and access code which will be provided on their first new utility bill, assessment notice or tax notice.


Steps to set up your account

1. Register an account profile in MyAccounts. You will need your email address and you will be asked to create a password.

2. You will receive an email with a 6 digit validation code, enter that code to validate your new profile.

3. Login to MyAccounts using your email address and password from Step 1.

4. To add a utility account to your MyAccounts profile you'll need your utility account number and the six digit access code from your Utility Bill.

5. To add a property tax account to your MyAccounts profile you will need your tax roll number and access code from your Property Assessment notice or Property Tax notice.


Create a profile in MyAccounts (1.5 MB)

Register your Utility or Tax Account in MyAccounts (801.3 KB)

Subscribe to eBilling (821.9 KB)

Pay your Utility Bill online through MyAccounts (6.1 MB)

To register to... You will need...

View your utility account

Here you can:

  • View payment status and balance
  • Sign up for email notifications
  • Pay your utility bill online by credit card
Your utility bill. (5.5 MB)
sent monthly or quarterly

View your tax account

Here you can:

  • View your property assessment
  • View your tax levy details
  • View your account balance and transactions
  • Download your property assessment notices and tax notices

Your assessment notice

sent annually beginning in February 2024.

Your tax notice (1.7 MB)
sent annually each May.


Utility billing

Utility bills are getting a makeover. Watch your mail for your new, easier to read utility bill arriving on your regular billing date. All customers will receive a paper bill, this includes eBill customers.

Create an account in My Accounts if you want to view your bill or pay your bill by credit card online. Your new bill will include an access code.

What do I need to do?

All customers
  • All Utility accounts will receive a new 10-digit account number.
  • Please use this new account number when you make your payment going forward.
  • Customers who pay by internet banking will need to update their Strathcona County Utility account number at their online banking institution.
  • If you are currently on our pre-authorized debit program no action is required, your payment will continue to be withdrawn automatically on your regular due date.
Current Your Accounts users
  • Utility customers who accessed billing information though YourAccounts will need to register in the new MyAccounts portal.
  • To register in MyAccounts, customers will need their new account number and access code which will be provided on their first new utility bill.
  • The current portal Your Accounts will no longer be available. Historical information can be obtained by contacting Utility billing.
eBill customers
  • If you are currently signed up for our ebilling program you will need to sign up for email notifications through the new MyAccounts portal.
  • Beginning mid-November, 2023, all Strathcona County Utility customers will receive a paper bill from the new MyAccounts billing system.
  • You will continue to receive paper bills until you register for ebilling through MyAccounts.
  • Current eBilling customers must ensure that their mailing address is up to date before November 2023.
Equalized payments / budget billing customers
Bulk water customers
  • Invoiced bulk water (truck fill) customers will receive an account number to access the MyAccounts system
  • Pre-paid bulk water (truck fill) customers will be able to add money to their account through our e-commerce platform. They will not need to create an account in MyAccounts

Learn more about Utility billing.

Assessment and tax

Property assessment and property tax information from 2024 forward will be available in the new MyAccounts. Previous assessment and tax information will not be available. If historical data is required or if you have questions about the new system, please contact:  

Assessment and Tax

2024 property assessment information will be mailed out and available online in February of 2024. Tax Notices are mailed to property owners annually in May.

Property tax payments may not be made through MyAccounts. Learn more about Payment options.

Learn more about Assessment and tax.

View a sample tax notice (1.7 MB)

Comments or questions

Utility billing
Phone: 780-464-8273
Fax: 780-416-6725
Email: utbilling@strathcona.ca

Assessment and Tax
Phone: 780-464-8196
Email: assess@strathcona.ca

Phone: 780-464-8120
Email: taxation@strathcona.ca


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