Subdivision application

Whether you wish to divide a piece of land in half or into multiple parcels, a completed application form, fees and supporting information must be submitted to Planning and Development Services. The application will be reviewed and circulated for comments to other County departments. In order to subdivide, you may have to submit other applications such as a Land Use Bylaw Amendment or Area Structure Plan. We recommend meeting with a Planner in our office to discuss your proposal prior to submission of an application.

Subdivision application (859.2 KB)

​​​​​​​Fee schedule

To withdraw a subdivision application a Request for Cancellation for Plans of Subdivision form must be completed.

Subdivision cancellation form (66.8 KB)

To request time extension on a subdivision application a Time Extension Agreement must be signed.

Subdivision time extension application form (16.6 KB)

To build a condominium a subdivision application form is required.

Subdivision application form (859.2 KB)

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