The Southwest Strathcona Functional Planning Study was presented to Council on October 17, 2023.

This document will be used to guide future development in the area and includes projected traffic volumes for the next 20 to 30 years. The study will be updated, when required, based on changes to engineering standards, land use or highway access.


As growth continues in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region, there may be an increase in traffic on the Township and Range roads within southwest Strathcona County over the next 20 to 30 years. These roads may need improvements as urban development occurs. 

The study area is bounded on the west side by Range Road 234, on the south by Township Road 510, on the north by Highway 14 and on the east by Highway 21.  Together with Alberta Transportation, the City of Edmonton and the County of Leduc, the study will determine long-term transportation needs, including number of lanes, road grades, rail crossing realignments, intersections and other road characteristics. 

Map of study area (1.4 MB)

Public engagement

Your input has been an important part of this project and has informed study recommendations.

Phase one - background review

October 2019:-Residents were invited to the first open house  to learn about the project, its purpose and timeline, and provide input to inform the County's understanding of the study area:

Phase two - draft recommendations

Engagement for this phase ran from September 21 to 29, 2020.


Phase two: public engagement summary (39.1 MB)

Draft study recommendations

Open House #2 text boards (4.7 MB)

Open House Drawings
Range Road 231 (5.0 MB)
Range Road 232 (4.8 MB)
Range Road 233 (4.7 MB)
Range Road 234 (5.6 MB)
Township Road 510 (4.1 MB)
Township Road 512 (4.5 MB)
Township Road 514 (4.2 MB)
Township Road 515 and 515a (5.3 MB)

Phase three - Public Engagement

Phase three engagement ran from June 18 to June 29, 2021.  Thank you for participating in the online discussion board and providing input on draft recommendations.

Public engagement summary

Phase three public engagement summary (41.4 MB)

Open house drawings

Open house display boards (12.5 MB)
With revised draft study recommendations

Range Road 231 (4.9 MB)
Range Road 232 (4.3 MB)
Range Road 233 (4.5 MB)
Range Road 234 (3.1 MB)
Township Road 510 (4.8 MB)
Township Road 512 (5.2 MB)
Township Road 514 (3.7 MB)
Township Road 515 and 515A (3.8 MB)

Project timeline

This project is currently in the planning phase.

project planning phase


Frequent questions

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