Locating underground County infrastructure utility lines

If you are building a deck or fence, re-building a driveway or planting trees, please refer to the following information to prevent damage to the County utility lines:

  • Strathcona County is now part of Alberta One Call. Call 1-800-242-3447 or click to submit your locate request. Water, sewer and sump collector lines on public property up to and including the curb cock valve, as well as community energy lines in Centre in the Park and Broadmoor Lake Park will be located. 
  • The water and sewer lines are not necessarily in a straight trench to the house or building. To have a private water line located, homeowners are advised to contact a private contractor offering this type of service.
  • The water and sewer service lines were extended from the curb cock valve location to the house by the home builder. There are no records maintained on where these lines are installed.
  • Curb cocks located in driveways will require a plastic casing before concrete is poured. If the homeowner is proposing any grading alterations or hard surfacing on the property in the area of the curb cock, Water and Wastewater Services will adjust the curb cock vertically to match the finished surface elevation.
  • All locates are normally completed within three business days barring an emergency or unforeseen circumstances.

County-owned underground infrastructure

Companies or individuals planning on doing any excavating within Strathcona County must arrange for utility locates of County-owned underground infrastructure, including:

  • Streetlights
  • Traffic signals
  • Fibre optic lines
  • Community energy lines in Centre in the Park and Broadmoor Lake Park

Contact Alberta One Call at 1-800-242-3447 or click to submit your locate request.

Utility companies

Utility companies request permission to utilize County land to install lines and provide services to site customers.

Gas Atco Gas

Fortis Alberta

Battle River Power Coop





Water and Wastewater & Community Energy Strathcona County

Rural Water Mains


Find the water commission that services your area:

Rural water mains map (3.1 MB)


Capital Region Northeast Water Services Commission (CRNWSC)

Fort Saskatchewan Supply Line

John S. Batiuk Regional Water Commission

Highway 14 Regional Water Services Commission (formerly CU Water)
1-866-333-3791 (toll free)

Josephburg Water Co-op

Pointe Aux Pins Water CO-OP

Strathcona County Rural Distribution

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