Corporate Business Plan

Corporate Business Plan (32.1 MB)

Strathcona County’s Corporate Business Plan connects the dots between strategic goals and results articulated in the strategic plan, and the short- to medium-term operational goals and priorities, as described in department business plans. 

The plan outlines strategic initiatives, including increases to service levels and new capital, programs or services developed to action strategic goals – and improvement initiatives, designed to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency with which the County delivers its programs and services.

Business Plan Reporting

Strathcona County: What your taxes pay for, how the County makes decisions and where the County is going in the future.

Department business plans

Assessment and Tax - Business Plan (523.1 KB)

Communications - Business Plan (528.6 KB)

Economic Development and Tourism - Business Plan (598.0 KB)

Emergency Services - Business Plan (639.8 KB)

Facility Services - Business Plan (667.6 KB)

Family and Community Services - Business Plan (524.6 KB)

Financial and Strategic Services - Business Plan (638.7 KB)

Fleet Services - Business Plan (565.1 KB)

Human Resources - Business Plan (557.8 KB)

Information and Technology Services - Business Plan (598.9 KB)

Intergovernmental Affairs - Business Plan (508.7 KB)

Legislative and Legal Services - Business Plan (611.6 KB)

Planning and Development Services - Business Plan (590.7 KB)

RCMP and Enforcement Services - Business Plan (579.5 KB)

Recreation, Parks and Culture - Business Plan (601.2 KB)

Transit - Business Plan (531.7 KB)

Transportation and Agriculture Services - Business Plan (656.9 KB)

Transportation, Planning and Engineering - Business Plan (697.7 KB)

Utilities - Business Plan (616.8 KB)


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