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A strong need remains for improved broadband (higher speed internet) service in Strathcona County, specifically throughout the rural area, as well as within much of our commercial and industrial areas. Many parts of the County do not meet the high-speed internet standards established by the CRTC. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that quality high-speed internet service is available to everyone, everywhere throughout the County.

Community Broadband project

Strathcona County Council approved the Community Broadband project to explore, validate and implement recommendations for rural and commercial/industrial service areas defined in the broadband strategy report.

The options being explored will primarily address high-speed internet needs for rural and commercial/industrial areas.

Project timeline



  • Selection of business partner(s) through RFP
  • Bylaw and policy development
  • Explore grant opportunities


  • Determine which option(s) or actions the County will adopt to achieve its goal of improving high-speed internet access, specific to the rural area and commercial/industrial areas.
  • Seek Council approval for funding to proceed with proposed broadband service initiative actions for 2022.


2015-2018: Strathcona County Rural Internet Access Program increased high-speed internet access in rural areas, with the County partnering with internet service providers (ISPs) to install and/or upgrade internet towers.

2019-2020: An Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board (EMRB) report outlined the importance of broadband in the greater Edmonton region.

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Broadband Survey results

In 2020, Strathcona County surveyed residents and businesses to better understand the current state of high-speed internet services throughout the community, and identify potential solutions to improve broadband services. The vast majority of residents and businesses were not satisfied with the current services and would like to see the County actively involved in improving internet services.

View the survey reports:

Broadband survey results - residents (258.2 KB)

Broadband Survey results - businesses (325.4 KB)

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Internet tower locations

See the list of rural internet tower locations and internet service providers offering service to rural Strathcona County.

Find a free wi-fi connection

Free high-speed internet access is available at all community halls in the County.

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