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Alberta Broadband Networks (A-NET) is bringing fibre optics to Sherwood Park.

You may notice construction in your neighbourhood. Learn more.

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Alberta Broadband Fund Support

In late December, the Alberta Government announced an additional $36 million to a specific Alberta Broadband Fund, from the current grant dollars available. This fund is intended to close additional gaps that the other announced program would not address. 

Alberta Broadband Fund - program details

Using the National Broadband Internet Service Availability Map combined with the County’s open data portal, vendors interested in placing a bid can gather relevant information to support an application for this fund.  

Strathcona County supports all vendors willing to solve our broadband issues through the use of these funds. While we greatly appreciate your interest in the grant and assisting us, we are currently unable to support the eligibility criteria listed in the grant application outside of a letter of support at this time. We remain committed to exploring other avenues for collaboration and finding solutions to the challenges facing our community's broadband infrastructure. If a letter of support is required for you to apply, please reach out for further discussions.

Contact: for more details as necessary.

Advocating for better internet in Strathcona County

Improvement to broadband service in Strathcona County is an identified need, particularly for rural and commercial/industrial areas. Parts of the County do not meet the high-speed internet standards established by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

Strathcona County remains committed to identifying future broadband funding grant opportunities and building strategic partnerships to achieve better connectivity for our community.

This includes advocacy efforts at federal and provincial levels for investment in broadband in our community. The County is also focussed on pursuing future applicable broadband grants in partnership with internet service providers and vendors, as well as other municipalities.    

In securing and strengthening partnerships, our ultimate goal is to ensure that quality high-speed internet service will be available throughout the County.


2015-2018: Strathcona County Rural Internet Access Program increased high-speed internet access in rural areas, with the County partnering with internet service providers (ISPs) to install and/or upgrade internet towers.

2019-2020: An Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board (EMRB) report outlined the importance of broadband in the greater Edmonton region.

Broadband Survey - In spring 2020, Strathcona County surveyed residents and businesses to better understand the current state of high-speed internet services throughout the community, and identify potential solutions to improve broadband services. The vast majority of residents and businesses were not satisfied with the current services and would like to see the County actively involved in improving internet services.

Survey reports:

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Internet tower locations

See the list of rural internet tower locations and internet service providers offering service to rural Strathcona County

Find free wi-fi connection

Free high-speed internet access is available at all community halls in the County.

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