Railway crossings are regulated and managed by various entities at federal, provincial and municipal levels.

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Railway-related complaints

Complaints about suspicious activities, blocked crossings, missing railway crossing signs or operational problems with crossing warning systems (e.g., lights, bells or gates) should be directed to the appropriate railway company.

  • Canadian Pacific Railways (CP)
    General inquiries: 1-800-766-7912 or community_connect@cpr.ca
    Emergencies: 1-800-716-9132
  • Canadian National Railways (CN)
    General inquiries: 1-888-888-5909 or contact@cn.ca
    Emergencies: 1-800-465-9239 
    Non-urgent suspicious activities: CNPoliceTipLine@cn.ca

Noise and vibration complaints

Rail noise and vibration complaints can be directed to the Canadian Transportation Agency.

Train whistle complaints

The sounding of train whistles is mandated by Transport Canada. Since 2016, the County has been undertaking a process for train whistle cessation at several locations. Learn more.

Reduced visibility or road condition at street-level crossing

If you find sightlines on the road right-of-way to be obscured (ie. by vegetation) or are concerned about the condition of the road, please submit a County Connect.

Safety oversight and resources

The Railway Safety Act (RSA) gives Transport Canada responsibility to oversee railway safety.

In January 2019, Transport Canada released a revised version of Grade Crossing Standards to help reduce the frequency and severity of collisions at grade crossings.

Strathcona County has evaluated, and continues to monitor, all street-level crossings throughout the County to ensure that they meet or exceed these standards.


  • Government of Alberta - Rail Safety
  • Information on teaching your children how to safely negotiate an at-grade crossing as a pedestrian
  • Operation Lifesaver is a partnership initiative of the Railway Association of Canada and Transport Canada and works in cooperation with the rail industry, government, police, unions, and many public organizations and community groups. Operation Lifesaver offers information on rail safety, as well as free resources for your classroom or community group.

Further information:

Transportation Engineering and Operations
Phone: 780-417-7100
Email: transportation@strathcona.ca

County Connect

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