Strathcona County’s current strategic plan was approved by Council in April 2013, and refined in May 2018. The strategic plan is Strathcona County’s principal guiding document for governance, community development, infrastructure, and program and service delivery. It serves as the foundation on which the County's corporate business plan, department business plans, master plans and budgets are developed and approved. Council’s annual review of the strategic plan has resulted in refined strategic goals to more clearly articulate where administration should focus in order to achieve our vision.

2013 - 2030 Strategic Plan (1.6 MB)

Our vision 

"Becoming Canada’s most livable community”. This statement summarizes what we aspire to be as a municipality, and paints a picture of what the community could look like in the future. Our vision statement outlines the primary elements that make our community livable, and describes the County-wide priorities and results necessary to achieve that vision.

Living in Strathcona County

Strathcona County, located in the heart of Alberta, is an energetic and thriving community. A leader in North America’s petroleum industry and a champion for advancing diverse agricultural business, we use our energy to power our new tomorrow.

We are a specialized municipality, and work cooperatively with our urban and rural residents to govern as a single municipality. Proud of our distinct governance model, we promote and demonstrate our achievements.

We are a welcoming place to live and attract people of all ages, cultures and walks of life to join us. Families thrive in our dynamic, caring and safe community.

We strive to be a model of ecological integrity, protecting our environment and preserving our agricultural heritage.

Investment in infrastructure, quality services, cultural and recreational programs, and facilities is a priority and sets us apart.

Becoming Canada’s most livable community

Reporting on progress

Progress towards meeting the strategic goals and results outlined in the strategic plan are reported during the year. Reporting provides greater accountability, and promotes greater understanding of Strathcona County’s progress. Administration monitors progress on the strategic results by reporting to Council on the status of corporate business plan initiatives and performance measures tied to the strategic results.


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