“… the peopling of the province is a topic worthy of consideration. Not just who arrived when and whether they stayed or left, but why they came, why they stayed, what they left behind.” 
- In Time and Place, Master Plan 2005 for the Protection, Preservation and Presentation of Alberta’s Past

History is a story that has many interpretations, each written from a perspective that reflects the culture, values and world view of the writer. There is no “correct” history. Instead, history is more nuanced and layered than history books sometimes would lead us to believe. This truism can be found in Strathcona County’s history that has benefited from more than one interpretation, a reflection of the different cultures of those who have lived here. Every person’s story contributes to the building of a broad and encompassing understanding of our past.

First Nations and Métis history contributes both to the general history of Strathcona County and to the history of those who first harvested the County’s resources.

By their very act of re-locating from their former homes in Europe or from other parts of Canada, the County’s first settlers participated in writing a new chapter in the County’s history.

  • Some of the descendants of those settlers have remained on the land. Read the stories of Strathcona County’s Century families who have owned and continuously farmed the same land for at least 100 years, despite the fundamental changes that have occurred in agribusiness in the past number of decades.
  • Our first fire chief, Wayne Stanyer, tells the story of how Strathcona County Emergency Services began.

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